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Bradbury: We looked very good (01/01/2012)

Daniels: I enjoy scoring! (01/01/2012)

Brighton recall Cook (01/01/2012)

Fogden: Unbelievable feeling (02/01/2012)

Purches: A great honour (02/01/2012)

Bradbury: The board have backed me (02/01/2012)

Cherries go 10 unbeaten away from home (02/01/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Wycombe 2nd January 2012 (02/01/2012)

Returning Thomas leaves Chairboys wooden (03/01/2012)

Bradbury: A successful festive period (03/01/2012)

Cook: Wait and see (03/01/2012)

Francis: That can be our platform (03/01/2012)

Arter: We dominated the game (03/01/2012)

Cherries complete Cook signing (03/01/2012)

Bradbury 'keeping tabs' on Keene (04/01/2012)

Mitchell: Looking to bring in one or two (04/01/2012)

Cook: Bournemouth has so much potential (04/01/2012)

Pugh: 2012 has started brilliantly (04/01/2012)

AFCB release Tim Stephenson (04/01/2012)

Cummings: I am extremely proud (04/01/2012)

Parsons: This is all I have ever wanted (05/01/2012)

Arter: We must remain focused (05/01/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rds 23-25 (05/01/2012)

Bradbury: A long way to go (05/01/2012)

Cherries confirm broken bone for Sheringham (05/01/2012)

Bradbury: Walsall are fighting for their lives (06/01/2012)

Barrett: Injury is coming along (06/01/2012)

Francis: Sixth place could be anyone's (06/01/2012)

Stephenson: Very thankful to all the sponsors (06/01/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 26 (07/01/2012)

Zubar: I hope to stay in Bournemouth (07/01/2012)

Stats: Walsall v AFC Bournemouth 7th January 2012 (07/01/2012)

Bradbury: Game of two halves (08/01/2012)

Fletch saves the day (08/01/2012)

Bradbury: A massive point for us (09/01/2012)

Fletch: All the sweeter (09/01/2012)

Flahavan: We dug out a result (10/01/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 25 (10/01/2012)

Bradbury: Stockley wants to fight for a place here (10/01/2012)

Bradbury: Wilcox has been great to have around (10/01/2012)

Free travel for rearranged Chesterfield fixture (10/01/2012)

Cherries training pitches recommended for approval (10/01/2012)

Bradbury gives injury update (11/01/2012)

Purches: Away points are valuable (11/01/2012)

Thomas and Ward go out on loan (11/01/2012)

Taylor: I would love to stay (11/01/2012)

Crawley reject Cherries bids for Tubbs (11/01/2012)

Groves: Development going well (12/01/2012)

Cummings: Club means business (12/01/2012)

AFCB car sticker incentive (12/01/2012)

Stockley: It was brilliant at Accrington (12/01/2012)

Sheringham out for six months (12/01/2012)

McQuoid return put on hold (12/01/2012)

Francis: Always nice to play County (13/01/2012)

Pugh: No rush over new contract (13/01/2012)

Flahavan signs new contract (13/01/2012)

Mitchell: No brainer (13/01/2012)

Bradbury extends contract at Dean Court (13/01/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 26 (13/01/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Notts County 14th January (14/01/2012)

Bradbury: We showed determination and grit (15/01/2012)

Foggy end for shot down Magpies (15/01/2012)

Fogden: This was special (16/01/2012)

MacDonald: A good result (16/01/2012)

Stockley could make Aldershot loan move (16/01/2012)

Bradbury: McQuoid would be a possibility (16/01/2012)

Bournemouth Sevens Festival & AFCB link up (16/01/2012)

Willo: Squad capable of challenging for promotion (16/01/2012)

Bradbury: Making progress (16/01/2012)

AFCB players back Bradbury (16/01/2012)

Cherries training pitch plan approved (16/01/2012)

Fletch: Zubar has become a bit of a cult hero (17/01/2012)

Mitchell: Pitch will be back to A1 condition (18/01/2012)

Mitchell: Club is back on track (18/01/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 26 (18/01/2012)

Stockley set for Aldershot loan (18/01/2012)

Garry: Both MacDonald and Malone looked sharp (18/01/2012)

MacDonald: We can have a good season (19/01/2012)

Bradbury: I would look at loan move for Fletch (19/01/2012)

Barrett: I'm frustrated (19/01/2012)

Footballers bailed (19/01/2012)

Bradbury: Winning puts bums on seats (20/01/2012)

Bradbury: Barrett is really low at the moment (20/01/2012)

Bradbury: We will sit down with Zubar (20/01/2012)

Stockley: I believe in myself (20/01/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 27 (20/01/2012)

Zubar: We have great, great fans (20/01/2012)

Purches extends Dean Court stay (21/01/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Tranmere 21st January 201 (21/01/2012)

Bradbury: We gave ourselves a mountain to climb (22/01/2012)

Rovers Return Pointless as Run Goes On (22/01/2012)

MacDonald: Getting closer to the play-offs (23/01/2012)

Pugh: I went for the top corner (23/01/2012)

Bradbury: I won`t be rushed (23/01/2012)

Mitchell: We want crowds of 10,000 (24/01/2012)

Bradbury: Fans support is fully appreciated (25/01/2012)

Mitchell: No need to question Pugh's contract (25/01/2012)

Symes: Reasonably happy (25/01/2012)

Arter: Playing for our shirt (25/01/2012)

Mitchell: We are not selling anybody (25/01/2012)

MacDonald: Ready for a tough test (26/01/2012)

Arter: Inner belief (26/01/2012)

Cherries have bids for Tubbs and Beavon rejected (26/01/2012)

Brighton accept Cherries bid for Hoskins (26/01/2012)

Cherries target Wordsworth (26/01/2012)

Flahavan: We owe them one (27/01/2012)

Pugh: Onwards and upwards (27/01/2012)

Daniels: I knew this club was going places (27/01/2012)

Fletch: I love going back to Chesterfield (27/01/2012)

Stats: Chesterfield v AFC Bournemouth 17th January (28/01/2012)

Failed to find the net at B2Net (28/01/2012)

Away run ends as Bournemouth get the blues (28/01/2012)

Cherries Wordsworth bid rejected (28/01/2012)

Tubbs: If anything happens, it happens (30/01/2012)

Fogden: It was an even game (30/01/2012)

Daniels: Supporters were unbelievable (30/01/2012)

Jalal set for operation (30/01/2012)

Cherries sign Tubbs (30/01/2012)

Mitchell: Signing of Tubbs shows ambition (30/01/2012)

Tubbs: Coming home was a key factor (30/01/2012)

Bradbury: Tubbs is a really big signing (31/01/2012)

Bradbury: It was a dream move for Tubbs (31/01/2012)

Mitchell: I wouldn't rule it out (31/01/2012)

Swindon reject latest Cherries bid for Ritchie (31/01/2012)

Cherries target McDermott (31/01/2012)

McDermott returns to Dean Court (31/01/2012)

Symes joins Rochdale (01/02/2012)

Tom Mitchell: Delighted to have secured McDermott (01/02/2012)

Mitchell: Bigger gates required (01/02/2012)

Bradbury: We've spent wisely (01/02/2012)

AFC Business target £10,000 total for Macmillan (01/02/2012)

Bradbury: Gritt is an unsung hero (01/02/2012)

MacDonald: Playing for your country is the best (02/02/2012)

Symes: Looking forward to Rochdale move (02/02/2012)

Bradbury: I couldn't stand in Symes' way (02/02/2012)

Symes: I would love to stay at Bournemouth (02/02/2012)

Help the Hospices Family Day (02/02/2012)

Moss: Looking forward to having Jalal 100% fit (02/02/2012)

Bradbury: Molesley will probably want a loan move (03/02/2012)

Thomas: Reaching the play-offs is the aim (03/02/2012)

Tubbs: Hopefully, I can get a goal (03/02/2012)

Bradbury: We can deal with high expectation levels (03/02/2012)

Cherries V Exeter - Postponed (03/02/2012)

Mitchell: Bowles matter will be handled internally (04/02/2012)

Cherries fixture rearranged (04/02/2012)

Pugh: This is a great a club (05/02/2012)

Thomas: Looking forward to Tubbs partnership (05/02/2012)

Cooper: Our squad now is unbelievable (06/02/2012)

Pugh: We've got a lot of options (06/02/2012)

Murry to run seven marathons for seven charities (06/02/2012)

Fletch: It was the right decision (06/02/2012)

Bradbury: Formation will be picked to get result (07/02/2012)

Malone: Want to push for the Championship (07/02/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Exeter 7th February 2012 (07/02/2012)

Super sub Malone sinks Grecians (08/02/2012)

Mitchell: Perfect debut for Tubbs (08/02/2012)

Tubbs: It was great to be back (08/02/2012)

Malone: I've done my chances no harm (08/02/2012)

Cherries work their MAGIC in the community (09/02/2012)

Tubbs: Partnership can go a long way (09/02/2012)

Taylor set for Hereford loan move (09/02/2012)

Bradbury: Flahavan kept us in the game (09/02/2012)

Gregory: Happy to play wherever (09/02/2012)

Taylor completes Hereford loan move (09/02/2012)

Bradbury: McDermott looked a threat (10/02/2012)

Cherries relaunch key workers ticket scheme (10/02/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 30 (10/02/2012)

Hot Radio set for launch (11/02/2012)

Barrett set for scan (11/02/2012)

Work on training pitches halted (11/02/2012)

Stats: Hartlepool v AFC Bournemouth 11th February (11/02/2012)

Bradbury: A little bit frustrating (12/02/2012)

Hard earned point in the icy wastes of Hartlepool (13/02/2012)

Francis: We just couldn't finish them off (13/02/2012)

Bradbury against FIFA plans to scrap loans (13/02/2012)

Redknapp: AFCB remains very close to my heart (13/02/2012)

Bradbury: A lot of points to be played for (13/02/2012)

McDermott: Competition pushes us on (14/02/2012)

Daniels: I want to put one over them (14/02/2012)

Bradbury: We will not underestimate Orient (14/02/2012)

Work on training pitches restarts (14/02/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Leyton Orient 14th Februa (14/02/2012)

Orient Express Doubts to Cherries play off hopes (15/02/2012)

Thomas: I'm gutted, we didn't deserve that (15/02/2012)

Bradbury: Inconsistency drives me mad (15/02/2012)

Tubbs: It was a stonewall penalty (15/02/2012)

Stockley: I want to do the business for AFCB (16/02/2012)

Mitchell: Football clubs are precious (16/02/2012)

Consultation on artificial surfaces to begin (17/02/2012)

Flahavan: That's the life of a goalkeeper (17/02/2012)

Bradbury: We will take Orient result on the chin (17/02/2012)

Cherries Soccer School announces sponsorship (18/02/2012)

Bradbury: Ref has held his hands up (18/02/2012)

Taylor: I have got more to prove (18/02/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 31 (18/02/2012)

Cook: Everyone can beat anyone (18/02/2012)

Fletch: Bookies do not fancy us (18/02/2012)

Stats: Rochdale v AFC Bournemouth 18th February 20 (18/02/2012)

Bradbury: Penalty call was correct (19/02/2012)

Purches suffers double leg break (19/02/2012)

Bradbury: We have to be more ruthless (19/02/2012)

Rochdale Romp Breaks Cherries' Spirits (19/02/2012)

Cummings: Purches will be okay (20/02/2012)

Purches continues recovery in hospital (20/02/2012)

Cherries trip to Stevenage rearranged (21/02/2012)

Cook has ankle scan (21/02/2012)

Jalal: Purches injury was devastating news (21/02/2012)

Tubbs: Play-Offs are still reachable (21/02/2012)

Purches operation successful (21/02/2012)

Cherries set to sign Derby defender (21/02/2012)

Addison: AFCB are a Championship club in waiting (21/02/2012)

Bradbury: McDermott looking sharper and brighter (22/02/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 31 (22/02/2012)

Mitchell: Addison signing helps bridge the gap (22/02/2012)

Kennedy: I hope Purches has a speedy recovery (22/02/2012)

Byrne recalled by Tottenham (22/02/2012)

Cook sidelined for around three weeks (22/02/2012)

Stadium sponsors go into administration (22/02/2012)

Bradbury: Byrne was a good lad (23/02/2012)

Addison: Make or break time (23/02/2012)

Jalal: Delighted with the operation (23/02/2012)

Fogden signs improved deal (23/02/2012)

Zubar signs new Cherries deal (23/02/2012)

AFCB Sports Trust Kenyan adventure (23/02/2012)

Cherry Bear & Seabright visit Linwood School (23/02/2012)

AFC Bournemouth host second open day (23/02/2012)

Barrett: I'm raring to go (23/02/2012)

Addison: It could be a permanent fixture (23/02/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 32 (24/02/2012)

Wilcox: Managing the expectations (25/02/2012)

Thomas: It's going to be a tough game (25/02/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v MK Dons 25th February 201 (25/02/2012)

Bradbury: We're all accountable (26/02/2012)

Don's dish out a dull lesson (26/02/2012)

AFCB made to look a 'laughing stock' (26/02/2012)

Mitchell: I have no great vocabulary (27/02/2012)

Bradbury: We will keep pushing (27/02/2012)

Stockley: Great to be back in the red and black (27/02/2012)

Bradbury: Irena Demin wished the lads luck (27/02/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 32 (29/02/2012)

Cherries reserves beat Cheltenham (29/02/2012)

AFCB 2012/13 Season Tickets to go on sale (29/02/2012)

Cherries Chairman charged by Football Association (29/02/2012)

Harry becomes poster boy for respect (01/03/2012)

Local hospices are the winners at AFCB family day (01/03/2012)

Baudry: I know I need to train hard (01/03/2012)

Cherries injury update (01/03/2012)

Hollands: Part and parcel of football (02/03/2012)

Bradbury: Preparation has been good (02/03/2012)

Cummings set for Crawley loan move (02/03/2012)

Arter: We will give them a much better game (03/03/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Charlton 3rd March 2012 3 (03/03/2012)

Bradbury: We were the better side (04/03/2012)

Yann you believe it? (04/03/2012)

Cherries Second Open Day Review & Pictures (04/03/2012)

MacDonald: We need to keep the faith (05/03/2012)

Bradbury: Cummings has a great attitude (05/03/2012)

Cherries free coach travel to Sheff Weds (05/03/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 33 (06/03/2012)

Bradbury: Spoilt for choice (06/03/2012)

Bradbury: McDermott did brilliantly (06/03/2012)

Garry: Punished for little mistakes (07/03/2012)

Cherries Chairman fined by Football Association (08/03/2012)

Wilcox: Vital preparation (08/03/2012)

Bradbury: Wednesday will be on a high (09/03/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 34 (09/03/2012)

Stats: Sheffield Wednesday v AFC Bournemouth 10th (10/03/2012)

Bradbury: I thought we froze (11/03/2012)

O'Kelly: Hopeful over Taylor deal (11/03/2012)

First two minutes, we were on top... (11/03/2012)

Bradbury: Thomas will be low on confidence (12/03/2012)

Bradbury: We didn`t stand up and be counted (12/03/2012)

Arter injury update (12/03/2012)

Baudry joins Dagenham (12/03/2012)

Still: Baudry is a strong competitor (13/03/2012)

Mitchell: Bradbury is the manager (13/03/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 34 (13/03/2012)

Garry: I came away frustrated (13/03/2012)

Francis: We have to rally round (14/03/2012)

Bond: Bradbury will turn it around (16/03/2012)

Bradbury: Players have point to prove (16/03/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 35 (16/03/2012)

Bradbury: Good to welcome Pugh back (16/03/2012)

Thomas joins Havant & Waterlooville (16/03/2012)

Cummings: Crawley capable of achieving promotion (17/03/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Carlisle 17th March 2012 (17/03/2012)

Addison - Lee's temporary taxi to safety (17/03/2012)

Taylor returns from loan spell (18/03/2012)

Addison: Definite relief (18/03/2012)

Bradbury: Good to show teams unity (18/03/2012)

Abbott: Bradbury & Wilcox's reaction was wrong (19/03/2012)

Bradbury: We have got to mix it up (19/03/2012)

Stockley: I want to start games (20/03/2012)

Jalal: Happy to be back amongst the lads (20/03/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Brentford 20th March 2012 (20/03/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video Review - Rd 37 (21/03/2012)

Echo coverage of the Cherries ends (21/03/2012)

Daniels suffers hairline fracture (21/03/2012)

Wes swats Bees away (21/03/2012)

Bradbury: We deserved it (21/03/2012)

Cherries linked with Hines & O'Grady (21/03/2012)

Footballers bail extended (21/03/2012)

AFCB keen to find a resolution with Echo (21/03/2012)

Fogden: Brentford didn't get a sniff (22/03/2012)

Molesley joins Aldershot (22/03/2012)

Mitchell: We're looking to prosper (22/03/2012)

Cherries sign Hines from Burnley (22/03/2012)

Fletch joins Plymouth on loan (22/03/2012)

Molesley: Desperate to get back to my best (22/03/2012)

Fletch: Everyone knows I love Bournemouth (22/03/2012)

Bradbury: Hopefully we've turned the corner (23/03/2012)

Vital Formula One (23/03/2012)

Cherries Kit man packing bags for Africa (23/03/2012)

Hester helps out at School clean-up (23/03/2012)

Cherries training pitches: Sponsorship opportunity (23/03/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 36 (23/03/2012)

Stats: Oldham v AFC Bournemouth 24th March 2012 3p (24/03/2012)

Match 'report'....Oldham away (25/03/2012)

Bradbury: We don't score enough goals (25/03/2012)

Bradbury leaves AFC Bournemouth (25/03/2012)

MacDonald: Another battle on Tuesday (26/03/2012)

Mitchell: I wish Lee a great future (26/03/2012)

Mitchell speaks to Sky Sports News (26/03/2012)

Groves: These things happen in football (26/03/2012)

Cherries interest in Baby Fletch? (27/03/2012)

Bradbury: I was dismissed (27/03/2012)

Groves: Players approach has been excellent (27/03/2012)

McDermott arrested for drink-driving (27/03/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 36 (27/03/2012)

Stats: Stevenage v AFC Bournemouth 27th March 2012 (28/03/2012)

Groves: A great effort from the lads (28/03/2012)

A spring nights dream (28/03/2012)

Barrett: I feel ready to play if needed (29/03/2012)

Malone: I found out via Twitter (29/03/2012)

Thomas: My target is to keep scoring goals (29/03/2012)

Groves: We will know what to expect (30/03/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Yeovil 31st March 2012 3p (31/03/2012)

New Ground, New Broom, New Era, New Beginning (01/04/2012)

Cherries fine McDermott (01/04/2012)

'Red and Black' day (01/04/2012)

Junior Cherries Splashdown Party (01/04/2012)

Groves: We showed good control of the game (01/04/2012)

Glovers Gloves stops Three Points (01/04/2012)

Cherries set for Tuesday night friendly (02/04/2012)

Cummings extends Crawley loan stay (02/04/2012)

Cook: Let's see how we fare (03/04/2012)

Groves: We've changed things (03/04/2012)

Free coaches to Sheffield United (03/04/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review Rd - 37 (03/04/2012)

Stockley: New start, new era (03/04/2012)

Bradbury linked to Havant & Waterlooville (04/04/2012)

Cherries lose at Havant (04/04/2012)

Groves: Everybody has pulled together (04/04/2012)

Hines: I just want to start winning (04/04/2012)

Tubbs has groin op (05/04/2012)

Arter: Giving it my best (05/04/2012)

Purches: Each step as it comes (05/04/2012)

Championship clubs target Pugh (05/04/2012)

Francis: Players let Bradbury down (05/04/2012)

Groves: Tubbs injury is a blow (05/04/2012)

Groves: We go into the game with confidence (06/04/2012)

Francis: We can rise to the occasion (06/04/2012)

Stats: Sheffield Utd v AFC Bournemouth 7th April 2 (07/04/2012)

Sheffield United away - Report (07/04/2012)

Groves: We deserved a bit of fortune (08/04/2012)

Groves: Huddersfield will be a big challenge (08/04/2012)

Murry to run in memory of Annie (09/04/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Huddersfield 9th April 20 (09/04/2012)

Dogged Bournemouth silence Terriers (09/04/2012)

Groves: Fans helped us to another level (10/04/2012)

Hines: We showed we are a good team (10/04/2012)

Groves: We'll see what happens (10/04/2012)

AFCB Reserves travel to Brighton (11/04/2012)

Betting odds for Bury vs Bournemouth (11/04/2012)

Groves: Environment is excellent (11/04/2012)

Six youth team players offered contracts (12/04/2012)

Ward and co released (12/04/2012)

Fogden: I feel as fit as ever (12/04/2012)

Cherries beat Brighton (13/04/2012)

Daniels and Tubbs return to training (13/04/2012)

Gregory: We will see what the future holds (13/04/2012)

Pugh: Aiming to score two or three more (13/04/2012)

Groves: The result does matter (13/04/2012)

AFCB: nPower league 1 Video preview - Rd 42 (13/04/2012)

Pugh: It's a big decision (13/04/2012)

Addison: I would consider permanent move (13/04/2012)

Stats: Bury v AFC Bournemouth 14th April 2012 3pm (14/04/2012)

Bury away - Report (16/04/2012)

Fogden: I know I should have scored (16/04/2012)

Groves: It's not acceptable (16/04/2012)

Baudry extends loan with Dagenham (16/04/2012)

McDermott faces disciplinary action (16/04/2012)

Mitchell wants action taken to preserve Kings Park (17/04/2012)

Clough: Addison could make summer move (17/04/2012)

Millwall make Malone - McQuoid bid? (17/04/2012)

Groves: Big jump from youth team to first team (17/04/2012)

Flahavan: Season has been a learning curve (17/04/2012)

AFCB to play Nike Academy (17/04/2012)

AFCB: nPower league 1 Video review - Rd 42 (17/04/2012)

Cherries lose to Nike Academy (18/04/2012)

Betting odds for Bournemouth vs Colchester (19/04/2012)

*update* Murry's 777 Challenge ends (19/04/2012)

Groves: Hopefully McDermott will learn (20/04/2012)

Daniels: We are looking forward to it (20/04/2012)

Groves: We want to finish season on a high (20/04/2012)

MacDonald: Lads are glad to see Partington back (20/04/2012)

AFCB: nPower league 1 Video preview - Rd 43 (20/04/2012)

Groves: We will help McDermott (20/04/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Colchester 21st April 201 (21/04/2012)

Colchester Home - Report (22/04/2012)

Groves: A difficult afternoon (22/04/2012)

Mitchell: Wilcox situation unresolved (22/04/2012)

Pitch Inspection At Fawcetts Field (24/04/2012)

Groves: Tough period for Partington (24/04/2012)

Fogden set for scan (24/04/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 43 (25/04/2012)

Cherries draw with Team Bath (25/04/2012)

McDermott: I`ve had a bit of a problem with drink (25/04/2012)

Cherry Trees set to be planted (26/04/2012)

Zubar: My situation is not easy (26/04/2012)

Betting odds for Scunthorpe vs Bournemouth (26/04/2012)

Cherries announce profit of £1.1 million (26/04/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 45 (27/04/2012)

Groves: It's very complimentary (27/04/2012)

Groves: I'd like to get on the bus with 3 points (27/04/2012)

Cherries and Echo call truce (28/04/2012)

Malone: I want to get seven goals (28/04/2012)

Stats: Scunthorpe v AFC Bournemouth 28th April 201 (28/04/2012)

Scunthorpe away - Report (28/04/2012)

Groves: 3 points was not to be (29/04/2012)

Case: It was a dream come true (29/04/2012)

Wakefield: I was surprised to be involved (29/04/2012)

Groves: The supporters were fantastic (29/04/2012)

Groves: Game by game (30/04/2012)

Groves: Difficult time for McDermott (30/04/2012)

Fletch: Fitting return (30/04/2012)

Footballers charged (30/04/2012)

Pugh: It's a great achievement (01/05/2012)

Jalal: It's a clean slate now (01/05/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 45 (02/05/2012)

Jalal: I have a great relationship with Flahavan (02/05/2012)

Fogden sidelined for six months (02/05/2012)

Betting odds for Bournemouth vs Preston (03/05/2012)

Molesley recognised for outstanding charity work (03/05/2012)

Mitchell: I want the club to win the league (03/05/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Preston 5th May 2012 3pm (05/05/2012)

Daniels spot-kick brings down curtain on dull year (05/05/2012)

Fletch: I can still a play major part (06/05/2012)

Gregory: We've been a bit inconsistent (06/05/2012)

Mitchell: Demin is very much enjoying the project (06/05/2012)

Pugh: I haven`t made a decision (06/05/2012)

Groves: It's been a hectic few weeks (06/05/2012)

MacDonald: Good to finish on a high (08/05/2012)

Daniels: We need to come back all guns blazing (08/05/2012)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 46 (08/05/2012)

Cherries interested in Kenny Shiels? (08/05/2012)

RIP Reg Cutler (09/05/2012)

Taylor: I want to stay (09/05/2012)

Cooper: It will be nice to go to Fratton Park (09/05/2012)

Tubbs: Looking forward to pre-season (09/05/2012)

AFCB South stand public exhibition (09/05/2012)

Mitchell: No plans to sell Malone (10/05/2012)

Baudry: I'm waiting (10/05/2012)

Addison: I would consider Cherries move (10/05/2012)

Groves set to be named manager? (10/05/2012)

Fletch: Lots of things to discuss (10/05/2012)

AFCB Vital Donation Scheme Ends (10/05/2012)

Cherries to look at White again (11/05/2012)

Footballers plead not guilty (11/05/2012)

Groves named Cherries manager (11/05/2012)

Groves: We are far from being yes men (11/05/2012)

Mitchell: It was a joint decision (11/05/2012)

Mitchell: Groves has installed attractive football (11/05/2012)

Fletch: I think it is a very good appointment (12/05/2012)

Mitchell: We are never going to please everybody (12/05/2012)

Groves: We will be working extremely hard (12/05/2012)

Cherries sign Bajandouh (13/05/2012)

Groves: Decisions will be made (14/05/2012)

Francis: It's a big blow for Fogden (14/05/2012)

Groves cuts down squad (14/05/2012)

Cherries release Symes (14/05/2012)

Ryan Garry leaves AFC Bournemouth (14/05/2012)

Fletch: There will be doubters (15/05/2012)

Groves: We will sit down with Pugh (15/05/2012)

Groves: Bowles has shown potential (15/05/2012)

Cummings: It was more than disrespectful (15/05/2012)

Cummings: It was the best part of my life (15/05/2012)

Groves: Fletch has shown how valuable he is (15/05/2012)

Groves: We will look to strengthen over the summer (15/05/2012)

Cherries interested in Kamara? (15/05/2012)

Mitchell: We will all be looking (16/05/2012)

Groves confirms Addison interest (16/05/2012)

Energy Consulting Group signs new AFCB kit deal (16/05/2012)

Cherries unveil new away kit (16/05/2012)

Cherries open doors to ambitious youngsters (16/05/2012)

Cherries reject Rotherham bid for Tubbs (16/05/2012)

Mitchell: Tubbs is not for sale (17/05/2012)

Barrett: It will be a fresh start (17/05/2012)

Sheringham: I will be back firing on all cylinders (17/05/2012)

Redknapp: Good players looking for loans (18/05/2012)

Molesley: I will get my rewards eventually (18/05/2012)

Groves: Evans comments were distasteful (18/05/2012)

Rotherham will review Tubbs interest (18/05/2012)

Diamond Jubilee Party at the Seward Stadium (18/05/2012)

Strugnell: Delighted to be staying (19/05/2012)

Cooper: It all adds up (19/05/2012)

Evans: I don't care what other managers think (20/05/2012)

The Football League agree new BBC deal (20/05/2012)

Brooks: A seamless transition (21/05/2012)

Mitchell: Various permutations regarding Pugh (21/05/2012)

Cherries salute troops with free tickets (21/05/2012)

Cherries confirm Millwall interest in Malone (22/05/2012)

MacDonald: Changes take time (22/05/2012)

Cherries face competition for Addison (22/05/2012)

Cherries withdraw from Football Combination League (23/05/2012)

Millwall agree fee for Malone? (23/05/2012)

Mitchell: No deal agreed with Millwall (23/05/2012)

McQuoid keen on AFCB return? (23/05/2012)

Moss: Difficult choice (24/05/2012)

Mitchell: We're not going to pay over the odds (24/05/2012)

Holmes: An exciting era for the club (25/05/2012)

Gritt to work closely with new performance analyst (25/05/2012)

Brooks: Vital to choose the right staff (25/05/2012)

Cherries take prize at Football Hospitality Awards (25/05/2012)

AFCB awarded Family Excellence Award (25/05/2012)

Cherries receive feedback for south stand plans (25/05/2012)

Fletch: I will give it my heart and soul (26/05/2012)

Brooks: It gives you more options (28/05/2012)

Cooper: Weighing up every option (28/05/2012)

Mitchell: Malone/McQuoid swap not finalised yet (28/05/2012)

Pearce: I'll be looking out for Cherries & Pompey (29/05/2012)

Mitchell: Groves asked for swap deal (29/05/2012)

Cherries & Millwall complete McQuoid/Malone swap (29/05/2012)

Groves: I'm delighted to sign McQuoid (29/05/2012)

Cardiff & Bristol City friendlies confirmed (30/05/2012)

Groves: Good deal all round (30/05/2012)

McQuoid: I can win fans over with performances (30/05/2012)

Reading friendly confirmed (31/05/2012)

Malone: I've had the last laugh (31/05/2012)

McQuoid: Feels like home (31/05/2012)

Cherries linked to Grabban (31/05/2012)

Cherries set to sign Grabban (31/05/2012)

Evans: Grabban will flourish with AFCB (31/05/2012)

Grabban completes Cherries move (01/06/2012)

Grabban: Enthusiastic about style of play (02/06/2012)

Groves: We are active and looking to improve (02/06/2012)

Follow the Euros on Vital England (02/06/2012)

Fletch: We've got goals in the team (06/06/2012)

Tubbs: It doesn`t get better than Bournemouth (06/06/2012)

Groves: We will kick off new season in good shape (06/06/2012)

Groves: Progressing with facilities (06/06/2012)

Purches: Everything is on track (06/06/2012)

Junior Cherries membership hits record high (07/06/2012)

Arter: Sometimes I'm like a kid (07/06/2012)

Cherries hope to keep working their magic (08/06/2012)

Groves: Experience will benefit McQuoid (10/06/2012)

Cherries set to offer trials to Mancini's? (10/06/2012)

Groves: We will manage Stockley (11/06/2012)

3 games added to Cherries pre-season (11/06/2012)

Groves: Early stages of negotiations (13/06/2012)

Hard: Injury updates on Fogden and Sheringham (13/06/2012)

Cherries appoint Hodges (13/06/2012)

Cherries face Oxford (14/06/2012)

Stewart joins Cherries (15/06/2012)

Cherries agree terms with unnamed striker (15/06/2012)

Mitchell: Redknapp return not unrealistic (15/06/2012)

Groves: Pugh talks are ongoing (15/06/2012)

Mitchell: A feather in our cap (16/06/2012)

Cherries to make third addition to back room team (18/06/2012)

Cherries face Pompey on opening day (18/06/2012)

Rofe: I'm like a kid with a new toy (18/06/2012)

Groves: We are looking for consistency (18/06/2012)

Arter: I enjoy playing under Groves (19/06/2012)

Francis: Couldn't have dreamed of a better start (19/06/2012)

Groves: Still looking to secure Addison (19/06/2012)

Cherries Kings Park plans deferred (19/06/2012)

Groves: Strugnell will continue to develop (20/06/2012)

Groves: We will concentrate on how we play (20/06/2012)

Cherries set to sign Dutch striker (20/06/2012)

Cherries confirm Demouge deal (20/06/2012)

Brooks: Demouge brings goals and experience (21/06/2012)

Groves: Putting together a balanced squad (22/06/2012)

Demouge: Cherries move was what I was looking for (22/06/2012)

Mitchell: We can achieve great things (22/06/2012)

Cherries announce Embleton as new youth team coach (25/06/2012)

Mostyn: Extremely proud to have been elected (26/06/2012)

Cherries complete pre-season schedule (27/06/2012)

Tubbs: Working hard to cement first team place (27/06/2012)

Groves: It gets a bit frustrating (28/06/2012)

Groves: Cooper will speak to us when he is ready (28/06/2012)

Pugh rejects Cherries deal (28/06/2012)

Baudry & Symes join Leyton Orient (29/06/2012)

Cherries appoint Donoghue as Head Of Youth (29/06/2012)

Groves: Development coach role is vital (29/06/2012)

Mitchell: Pugh is worth £1million to us (29/06/2012)

AFCB Facebook Timeline (29/06/2012)

Fletcher: The sun always shines on Eddie (29/06/2012)

Cummings joins AFC Wimbledon (30/06/2012)

Groves: Spanish camp will provide no distractions (02/07/2012)

Join the debate on AFCB Vital (02/07/2012)

AFCB Vital sponsorship is 'fantastic' (02/07/2012)

Demouge passes Cherries medical (03/07/2012)

Groves: Mancini trial a possibility (03/07/2012)

EC Group sponsorship begins (04/07/2012)

Groves: Couple of targets earmarked (04/07/2012)

Groves: Getting down to the nitty-gritty (04/07/2012)

Groves: Cooper hasn't turned up for training (04/07/2012)

Cooper: I'm no longer an AFCB player (05/07/2012)

Groves: Club captaincy to be decided (05/07/2012)

King: Aiming to reduce number of injuries (06/07/2012)

Groves: We don't want to break wage structure (06/07/2012)

Groves: Rofe will be invaluable (06/07/2012)

Evans: I would love to work with Tubbs again (06/07/2012)

Mitchell: There is no timescale on £6million loan (06/07/2012)

Groves: Competition is healthy (07/07/2012)

Footballers face crown court trial (08/07/2012)

Donoghue: We will share our expectations (09/07/2012)

Daniels: I welcome the competition (09/07/2012)

Purches: Experience can help me get over it (09/07/2012)

Ticket details for Oxford & Pompey (10/07/2012)

Hargreaves joins Cherries set-up (10/07/2012)

Evans: Tubbsy is not for sale (10/07/2012)

An evening with Ted MacDougall (10/07/2012)

Barrett: I will work extremely hard (11/07/2012)

Groves: We are taking this club forward (11/07/2012)

Cherries donation to local hospices (11/07/2012)

Pugh: I am fully committed to Bournemouth (12/07/2012)

Groves: We need everyone fighting fit (12/07/2012)

Cherries complete signing of Addison (12/07/2012)

Addison: I feel there is unfinished business (13/07/2012)

Fletch: It's a little bit daunting (15/07/2012)

Addison: I have got to look to the future (16/07/2012)

Groves: Pushing to get the right people (16/07/2012)

Has the ST a future in the eyes of AFCB? (16/07/2012)

Did Pompey and Cherries consider merging? (17/07/2012)

Groves: Development squad is a stepping stone (17/07/2012)

Flahavan: We will be ready (17/07/2012)

AFCB Vital Travel Coaches Information (17/07/2012)

Cherries Kings Park plans rejected (17/07/2012)

Molesley: Raising my game (18/07/2012)

Cherries kick off pre-season (18/07/2012)

Cherries hit 13 past New Milton (18/07/2012)

Groves: No rush for Demouge (19/07/2012)

Full steam ahead for the Ladies (19/07/2012)

Sponsorship opportunities with AFCB academy (19/07/2012)

Tubbs: I've got a lot to prove (19/07/2012)

Groves: Result is not important (20/07/2012)

Hard: Sheringham has had a setback (20/07/2012)

Grabban: Competition for places is a challenge (20/07/2012)

Flahavan: It is all about hard work (23/07/2012)

Fletch: My heart and soul is in playing (23/07/2012)

Brooks: We want to control games (23/07/2012)

Cherries announce new stadium deal (24/07/2012)

Demouge: Everything is new to me (24/07/2012)

McQuoid: We are going to be a strong (24/07/2012)

Mitchell: Getting close with two deals (25/07/2012)

Mitchell: It will always be Dean Court (25/07/2012)

Fogden: Making small steps (26/07/2012)

Cooper signs for Crawley (26/07/2012)

Groves to test the Waters (26/07/2012)

Cherries set to sign O'Kane (26/07/2012)

Ling: We can't compete financially (27/07/2012)

O'Kane: This was the place to be (27/07/2012)

Groves: Expecting a more competitive game at Poole (27/07/2012)

Cherries defeated by Poole (28/07/2012)

Groves: Nothing but praise for Fletch (28/07/2012)

Cherries return to winning ways against Winchester (29/07/2012)

Groves: Pre-season takes a step up next week (29/07/2012)

Groves: It`s a massive change for Demouge (30/07/2012)

Groves: McQuoid produced (30/07/2012)

MacDonald: Look to keep improving (30/07/2012)

Rags to Riches (30/07/2012)

Groves: We haven`t had any bids (31/07/2012)

Groves looks ahead to double header (31/07/2012)

Redknapp to open Cherries training ground (31/07/2012)

Cherries beat Basingstoke (01/08/2012)

Groves: McQuoid may need a scan (01/08/2012)

O'Kane: Hoping to settle down quickly (01/08/2012)

Match action from Cherries win over Basingstoke (01/08/2012)

Cherries defeated at Havant (02/08/2012)

Addison: Promotion is key (02/08/2012)

Fogden: Definitely progressing (02/08/2012)

Demouge set for operation (02/08/2012)

Groves: Should be an entertaining game (03/08/2012)

Groves: Constantly looking to strengthen (03/08/2012)

Cherries open new training ground (04/08/2012)

Hughes to make Bournemouth return (04/08/2012)

Cherries draw with Reading (04/08/2012)

Hargreaves: I`ve settled in really well (06/08/2012)

Footballers crown court trial date set (06/08/2012)

Groves: Owners are pushing club forward (06/08/2012)

O'Kane: Looking to make an impression (06/08/2012)

Groves: Overall it was pleasing (06/08/2012)

Groves: Hughes brings a wealth of experience (06/08/2012)

Partington: Pressure on us all (06/08/2012)

Meades: Delighted to be here (07/08/2012)

Redknapp: It could be their year to win promotion (07/08/2012)

Cherries partner up with BIC & Pavilion (07/08/2012)

Cardiff defeat Cherries (08/08/2012)

Groves: Meades can challenge Daniels (08/08/2012)

Wimborne beat AFCB development squad (09/08/2012)

MacDonald: There is fierce competition (09/08/2012)

Hughes: Easy decision to return to Bournemouth (09/08/2012)

Meades: This club is moving forward (09/08/2012)

Demouge set for injection (09/08/2012)

Groves: We have to wait and see regarding McQuoid (10/08/2012)

Cherries and Pompey chase Brighton's Elphick (10/08/2012)

Jalal: It will be the managers` decision (10/08/2012)

Cherries win race for Elphick (11/08/2012)

Cherries lose final pre-season game (11/08/2012)

Groves: We held back (12/08/2012)

Gregory: We are ready (13/08/2012)

Flahavan: It is out of my hands (13/08/2012)

2012/13 season kicks off (14/08/2012)

Groves: Competition for places (14/08/2012)

Gregory: Promotion is a must (14/08/2012)

Cherries set to sign Liechtenstein international? (14/08/2012)

O'Kane: Honour to play for Ireland (14/08/2012)

Tubbs: We want a Premier League team (14/08/2012)

Stats: Oxford United v AFC Bournemouth 14th August (14/08/2012)

Groves: I won`t make any excuses (15/08/2012)

Cherries COCUP (16/08/2012)

Zubar: I always try to do my best (16/08/2012)

Play on Pompey (17/08/2012)

Gillingham chase Barrett (17/08/2012)

Jalal: Tuesday was a blip (17/08/2012)

Addison: We can sweep them under the carpet (17/08/2012)

Fletch: Fratton Park will be rocking (17/08/2012)

Pugh: Fans expect a performance (17/08/2012)

Barrett completes Gillingham move (17/08/2012)

Cherries sign Barnard (18/08/2012)

Stats: Portsmouth v AFC Bournemouth 18th August 20 (18/08/2012)

Barnard Silences Pompey Chimes (18/08/2012)

Barrett: I felt I had to go (19/08/2012)

Cherries return trip to Portsmouth on Sky (19/08/2012)

Barnard: I`m thrilled to be at Bournemouth (19/08/2012)

Groves: We showed decent character (19/08/2012)

Francis: Glad Barrett got something sorted (20/08/2012)

Cherries and Solent agree new deal (20/08/2012)

New Junior Fanzone at AFCB (20/08/2012)

Cherries host MK (20/08/2012)

Elphick: Big weight off my shoulders (21/08/2012)

Groves: Arter has got a part to play (21/08/2012)

Groves: Thomas can turn it around (21/08/2012)

Addison: Very proud to be captain (21/08/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v MK Dons 21st August 2012 (21/08/2012)

Will Groves learn from Don's lesson? (22/08/2012)

Groves: Massive disappointment (22/08/2012)

Fletch: Fantastic every time I get on the pitch (23/08/2012)

Arter: Disappointed to come off (23/08/2012)

Groves: Partington has done well (23/08/2012)

Cherries host Preston (23/08/2012)

Hard: McQuoid will return to training next week (24/08/2012)

Fletch: Teams might see us as a scalp (24/08/2012)

Cook: It was ours to give away and we did (24/08/2012)

Groves: Preston will be a real challenge (24/08/2012)

Robinson to rejoin Cherries? *updated* (24/08/2012)

2 Pounds for 2 Children Fulfilling 1 Dream (24/08/2012)

Mitchell: We are working within the rules (25/08/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Preston North End 28th Au (25/08/2012)

Arter sees Red in Draw Number Four (25/08/2012)

Arter: I want to say sorry to the supporters (27/08/2012)

Groves: We are still unbeaten (28/08/2012)

Elphick: It was nice to score (28/08/2012)

Pugh: We need to turn the draws in to wins (28/08/2012)

O'Kane: Sheffield United is a hard place to go (28/08/2012)

Mitchell on Director of Football role (29/08/2012)

Groves: Working on a better understanding (29/08/2012)

Stockley: I will continue to work hard (29/08/2012)

Rotherham rekindle Tubbs interest (29/08/2012)

Gregory set for loan move (30/08/2012)

Groves: McQuoid looks fresh (31/08/2012)

Cherries travel to Sheffield (31/08/2012)

Groves: No sense in letting Tubbs go (31/08/2012)

Mitchell: Hell bent on being successful (31/08/2012)

Jalal: It`s a huge game for us (31/08/2012)

Elphick: We need the fans to stick with us (31/08/2012)

Büchel completes Cherries move (31/08/2012)

Cherries sign Davids (31/08/2012)

Evans: We are taking defeat on the chin (31/08/2012)

Demouge: Good decision to sign Davids (01/09/2012)

Groves: We have done our homework on Davids (01/09/2012)

Stats: Sheffield Utd v AFC Bournemouth 1st Septemb (01/09/2012)

Groves: Didn`t see that coming (02/09/2012)

Individual Errors Cost Cherries the Points (03/09/2012)

Blades Sharpen For Groves' Head (03/09/2012)

Pitman and Robinson set for Cherries returns? (03/09/2012)

Francis: I hold my hands up (03/09/2012)

Hughes: Small step in the right direction (03/09/2012)

Groves: New signings have enhanced the group (03/09/2012)

Cherries return to Pompey on Sky (04/09/2012)

Groves: Good competition to be involved in (04/09/2012)

Groves: McQuoid can open a door (04/09/2012)

Barnard: It will be a big game (04/09/2012)

Stats: Portsmouth v AFC Bournemouth 4th September (04/09/2012)

Groves: Result is hard to take (05/09/2012)

Groves: We are aware of Pitman (05/09/2012)

Cherries Rodgersed on Penalties (05/09/2012)

MacDonald: Lads can be positive and confident (05/09/2012)

Portsmouth sign Bradbury (05/09/2012)

Arter: Pompey will have counted themselves lucky (06/09/2012)

Fogden: Pleased to get minutes under my belt (06/09/2012)

Hunt for first win continues @ Yeovil (07/09/2012)

Fletch: Hayter was my favourite (07/09/2012)

Purches: Heading in the right direction (07/09/2012)

McQuoid: We've been unlucky so far (07/09/2012)

Groves: Every player should want to play (07/09/2012)

Cornick impresses Stoke, Southampton & AFCB (07/09/2012)

Redknapp returns (07/09/2012)

Redknapp: Not interested in managerial role (08/09/2012)

Redknapp: This is home for me (08/09/2012)

Stats: Yeovil v AFC Bournemouth (08/09/2012)

Glovers go AWOL as Cherries shine (09/09/2012)

Groves: Redknapp is a fantastic football person (09/09/2012)

Groves: Good value for the win (09/09/2012)

MacDonald: Would have liked to have scored more (10/09/2012)

Hughes: Words are cheap (10/09/2012)

Arter: Thankful for a second chance (10/09/2012)

AFC Bournemouth 2 - 0 Boscombe Albion (11/09/2012)

Hargreaves: We were in a battle (11/09/2012)

Addison: It's just the start for us (11/09/2012)

Tubbs: I haven`t been given a chance (11/09/2012)

Tubbs: I`m not interested in moving (11/09/2012)

Arter: You can only learn from Redknapp (12/09/2012)

Arter: I haven`t seen a better team than us (12/09/2012)

Fletch: Hughes dictates the play (12/09/2012)

Andy Culliford Benefit Game (13/09/2012)

Flahavan out for six months (13/09/2012)

Groves: Benji needs time (13/09/2012)

Davids: A new adventure (13/09/2012)

Groves: No issues with Tubbs (13/09/2012)

Gregory set for Wimbledon return (13/09/2012)

Stockley: Much needed confidence (13/09/2012)

Hargreaves: Good goals and good movement (13/09/2012)

Cherries continue search for home win (14/09/2012)

Groves: Door not closed for Gregory (14/09/2012)

Groves: We will have to check O'Kane (14/09/2012)

Thomas: It will eventually turn round (14/09/2012)

Addison: We have the firepower (15/09/2012)

Mitchell: We could look at Pitman & Robinson again (15/09/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Hartlepool (15/09/2012)

Tubbs: I've waited for my chance (15/09/2012)

Groves: We should have been more progressive (16/09/2012)

Tubbs goal; A diamond in the rough on Goldensands (17/09/2012)

Mitchell: No reason to boo (17/09/2012)

Tubbs: We can all benefit from Redknapp influence (17/09/2012)

Addison: Supporters deserve a win (17/09/2012)

Hunt continues for first win against Brentford (18/09/2012)

O'Kane: Nice to be settled (18/09/2012)

Tubbs: I want to establish myself with AFCB (18/09/2012)

Fogden: Chance to redeem ourselves (18/09/2012)

Groves: Get behind the team (18/09/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Brentford (18/09/2012)

Bees swarm in for Draw no Four (19/09/2012)

Groves: We had the better chances on the night (19/09/2012)

MacDonald out for 'two to three weeks' (19/09/2012)

Elphick: We've just got to stick together (19/09/2012)

Pugh: Tubbs will get you goals (19/09/2012)

Elphick: Supporters were superb (20/09/2012)

Tubbs: Missing that chance kept me awake! (20/09/2012)

Mitchell: Proud to be part of the club (20/09/2012)

Evans: Tubbs deal was done (20/09/2012)

Mitchell: We`ve taken a new approach (20/09/2012)

Cherries back on the road @ Swindon (21/09/2012)

Mitchell: I'd never see eye to eye with Di Canio (21/09/2012)

Pugh: We need to perform (21/09/2012)

Flahavan: I want to thank the supporters (21/09/2012)

Daniels: They`ve got good wingers (21/09/2012)

Di Canio: Big respect for Redknapp (21/09/2012)

Partington: I have to stay on the ball (22/09/2012)

Stats: Swindon v AFC Bournemouth (22/09/2012)

Groves: You can understand the fans frustration (23/09/2012)

Changes needed (24/09/2012)

Addison: We let the town of Bournemouth down (24/09/2012)

Mitchell: We will examine Groves role (24/09/2012)

Mitchell: We want to bring Redknapp closer (24/09/2012)

Groves: Building a philosophy (25/09/2012)

Stockley: I am going in the right direction (25/09/2012)

Redknapp confirmed for Culliford Benefit Game (25/09/2012)

Development squad draw with Exeter (25/09/2012)

Mitchell: Promotion is still the aim (26/09/2012)

Hard: Scan revealed ACL strain for Francis (26/09/2012)

Former Cherries boss dies (26/09/2012)

Wakefield: Getting games under my belt (27/09/2012)

Redknapp: Bond was a real football man (27/09/2012)

MacDougall: Bond was a visionary (27/09/2012)

David James joins Cherries for training (27/09/2012)

Groves: I know what James brings to the party (27/09/2012)

Cherries aim to bounce back (28/09/2012)

Redknapp: Groves & Brooks need time (28/09/2012)

Davids: I hope I can get some minutes (28/09/2012)

Mitchell: James arrival a big boost (28/09/2012)

Groves: Criticism stings (28/09/2012)

AFC Bournemouth sign David James (28/09/2012)

Thomas set for Pompey loan move (28/09/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Walsall (29/09/2012)

Double Dutch.... still means nonsense (29/09/2012)

Groves: One of our poorest performances (30/09/2012)

Mitchell confronts protesting supporters - Video (30/09/2012)

Davids: Chance to put things right (01/10/2012)

Mitchell: We all have our opinions (01/10/2012)

Cherries travel to Crawley (01/10/2012)

Groves: Carmichael future regular (02/10/2012)

Fletch: Crawley will be a tough nut to crack (02/10/2012)

Stats: Crawley v AFC Bournemouth (03/10/2012)

Groves: In football, you don`t quit (03/10/2012)

Football is football, the ball is still round... (03/10/2012)

BREAKING NEWS: Paul Groves Sacked (03/10/2012)

Mitchell: We wish Groves & Brooks well (03/10/2012)

Fletch: As players, we are accountable (03/10/2012)

Mitchell: No truth in Redknapp offer (03/10/2012)

Hargreaves: Welcome to football (04/10/2012)

Groves & Brooks to consider return (04/10/2012)

Cherries set to make approach for Howe? (04/10/2012)

Mitchell: Phone hasn`t stopped ringing (04/10/2012)

Howe: Proud to be Burnley manager (04/10/2012)

Johnson: It is not a distraction (04/10/2012)

Addison: Players need someone strong & aggressive (04/10/2012)

Rofe: Sad week for the club (04/10/2012)

Life after Groves (05/10/2012)

Mitchell: We need someone who can bring success (05/10/2012)

Barnard: Focussed on Coventry (05/10/2012)

Rofe: Difficult to start the ball rolling (05/10/2012)

Mitchell: We want to make the right decisions (05/10/2012)

Purches: Great club to be a part of (06/10/2012)

Mitchell: We might make approaches (06/10/2012)

Stats: Coventry v AFC Bournemouth (06/10/2012)

Rofe: First goal was crucial (06/10/2012)

No leadership, no passion, no guts (07/10/2012)

Rofe: Things will turn for AFC Bournemouth (07/10/2012)

Hargreaves: Football taught us a lesson (07/10/2012)

Francis: Story of our season (07/10/2012)

James: We conceded a cheap goal (08/10/2012)

Abbott: It's news to me (08/10/2012)

Winkelman: No approach from Bournemouth (08/10/2012)

Hants Senior Cup match - OFF (09/10/2012)

Fletch inspired by Green Goals project (09/10/2012)

AFCB CST - NCS October programme (09/10/2012)

Mitchell: Still people coming in (09/10/2012)

Robinson: It`s one of the best jobs around (09/10/2012)

Mitchell: A work in progress (09/10/2012)

Purches: A very long way to go (11/10/2012)

MacDonald: Overdue a bit of luck (11/10/2012)

Bradbury back in management (11/10/2012)

Speculation mounts over Howe return (11/10/2012)

Rofe remains in charge against Orient (11/10/2012)

Burnley refuse Cherries approach for Howe (11/10/2012)

Old faces return (12/10/2012)

Howe returns to AFC Bournemouth (12/10/2012)

Mitchell: A great coup for the club (13/10/2012)

Burnley disappointed with Howe departure (13/10/2012)

Howe: A really tough week (13/10/2012)

Howe: Excited to be back (13/10/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Leyton Orient (13/10/2012)

Howe to derail the Orient Express (14/10/2012)

Rofe: Absolutely delighted (14/10/2012)

Francis: Supporters were different class (14/10/2012)

Pugh: Howe & Tindall return has lifted everyone (14/10/2012)

Mitchell: Howe was the right man (14/10/2012)

Hargreaves: Looking forward to Winchester (15/10/2012)

Pugh: Onwards and upwards (15/10/2012)

Tindall: Great to be back (15/10/2012)

Grabban: Fans have to stick with us (15/10/2012)

Daniels: Looking forward to Howe's return (15/10/2012)

Rofe leaves AFC Bournemouth (16/10/2012)

Tindall: We do have to hit the ground running (16/10/2012)

Appleton: We want to keep Thomas (16/10/2012)

Groves & Brooks to return to youth set-up (16/10/2012)

Mitchell: We're very fortunate (16/10/2012)

Cherries hit Winchester for six (17/10/2012)

Howe: We will consider Thomas recall (17/10/2012)

Fletch: I owe Howe my career (17/10/2012)

Cherries injury update (18/10/2012)

Fletch: Howe will be under no illusions (18/10/2012)

Howe: Stage set for great game (18/10/2012)

Cherries respond to BBC survey (18/10/2012)

Howe returns to the dugout (19/10/2012)

Zubar: Competition is normal (19/10/2012)

Howe: No special favours (19/10/2012)

Howe: We have the backing of the board (19/10/2012)

Purches: Lads are trying to impress (19/10/2012)

Howe: Always liked Stockley (19/10/2012)

Eddie Howe's Barmy Army! (20/10/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Tranmere (20/10/2012)

Eddies Rovers Return serves perfect cocktail (20/10/2012)

Howe: A really good fightback (21/10/2012)

FA Cup First Round Draw (21/10/2012)

Howe: Supporters have always been fantastic to me (22/10/2012)

Seabright: Buzzing to go back to Bournemouth (22/10/2012)

Arter: Crowd reaction was key (22/10/2012)

Moore: Daniels was like an assassin (22/10/2012)

James: Howe has brought confidence (22/10/2012)

Cherries to display new plans (22/10/2012)

Thomas: Will have to wait and see (22/10/2012)

Simon Weston attends Directors' Dinner (23/10/2012)

Howe: Arter needs more goals (23/10/2012)

Howe set to rekindle old rivalries (23/10/2012)

Open training session for Junior Cherries! (23/10/2012)

Jonjo Heuerman's Big Football Tag (23/10/2012)

Stats: Notts County v AFC Bournemouth (23/10/2012)

Ticket news for FA Cup game (24/10/2012)

Howe: Character and attitude (24/10/2012)

Tubbs: A massive boost (24/10/2012)

A cracking night's entertainment (24/10/2012)

Fletch: We can be a force (25/10/2012)

Howe: Molesley is a fantastic character (25/10/2012)

James receives MBE (25/10/2012)

Barnard: Club is going places (26/10/2012)

Cherries take to the sky (26/10/2012)

Arter: Carlisle loan helped me a lot (26/10/2012)

Howe: McDermott has got real ability (26/10/2012)

Thomas set to return (26/10/2012)

McQuoid: Nice to get back on the score sheet (26/10/2012)

Arter signs new Cherries deal (26/10/2012)

Appleton: Thomas recall might sour relationship (27/10/2012)

Stats: Carlisle v AFC Bournemouth (27/10/2012)

Howe: Bowles has taken a different direction (27/10/2012)

Howe: Gaining momentum (27/10/2012)

Cherries flying high at Carlisle (28/10/2012)

Arter: Really pleased to sign new deal (28/10/2012)

McQuoid: It's been like a breath of fresh air (28/10/2012)

Howe: Bournemouth are coming to get you (28/10/2012)

Howe: Fan support unbelievable (29/10/2012)

Howe: Disappointed by Pompey comments (29/10/2012)

Cherries relaunch in2win lottery (29/10/2012)

Cherries youth in FA Cup action (30/10/2012)

Pugh: We will just see what happens (30/10/2012)

Thomas: Hopefully I will be in Howe's plans (30/10/2012)

James: Great opportunity to progress (30/10/2012)

Tierney: All credit to Totton (31/10/2012)

Bowles could be set for Dorchester return (31/10/2012)

Green Goals nominated for award (31/10/2012)

Addison: Delighted to have retained the captaincy (01/11/2012)

Howe: Team emphasis around the club (01/11/2012)

The magic of the FA Cup? (02/11/2012)

Moss: Ball causes havoc (02/11/2012)

Sheringham under the knife again (02/11/2012)

Tubbs: Momentum is the secret (02/11/2012)

Howe: Everyone has got a part to play (02/11/2012)

Howe: Great to score four (03/11/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Dagenham & Redbridge (03/11/2012)

Carlisle trip for FA Cup second round (04/11/2012)

Howe: Very impressed with MacDonald (04/11/2012)

Elphick: Proud moment (04/11/2012)

Howe: They've given me some selection headaches (04/11/2012)

Howe: Seabright was outstanding (05/11/2012)

MacDonald: We deserved to win (05/11/2012)

The Only Way is Wessex! (05/11/2012)

Meades joins AFC Wimbledon (05/11/2012)

FSF's Safe Standing Campaign (06/11/2012)

Fireworks expected as Howe's run continues (06/11/2012)

Howe: Barnard is a goal threat (06/11/2012)

MacDonald: Not concerned with contract situation (06/11/2012)

Jalal: I am giving it my all (06/11/2012)

Tindall: Momentum is really important (06/11/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Shrewsbury (06/11/2012)

Arter: A winning mentality (07/11/2012)

Tindall: Playing catch up (07/11/2012)

Taming of the Shrews (07/11/2012)

Howe: Loan move invaluable for Meades (08/11/2012)

Barnard: One game at a time (08/11/2012)

Howe: We don't fear anybody (08/11/2012)

Pugh: I'm keeping my head down (08/11/2012)

Cherries travel to Doncaster (09/11/2012)

Howe: Open to Molesley loan move (09/11/2012)

Arter: I want to repay Howe (09/11/2012)

Howe: Hopefully we can convince Pugh to sign (09/11/2012)

Elphick: Keep plugging away (10/11/2012)

Howe: Moving in the right direction (10/11/2012)

Stats: Doncaster v AFC Bournemouth (10/11/2012)

Howe: We showed a really resilient side (11/11/2012)

Howe: Support was magnificent (11/11/2012)

Very Professional Performance (12/11/2012)

Addison: Confidence is massive (12/11/2012)

Cook: Happy to play anywhere (12/11/2012)

Thomas: A fresh start (12/11/2012)

Arter: Work rate got us the points (12/11/2012)

Mitchell: Youth set-up push (13/11/2012)

Addison: Steel and determination (13/11/2012)

Howe: Addison & Elphick are leaders (13/11/2012)

Howe: Pleased to have Thomas back (13/11/2012)

AFCB Supporters Trust Statement - 14/11/2012 (14/11/2012)

Cherries linked to Chelsea duo (14/11/2012)

Another injury set back for Demouge (14/11/2012)

Cherries development squad draw with Exeter (14/11/2012)

Howe: McQuoid needs to keep doing the business (14/11/2012)

AFCB Supporters Liaison Groups (14/11/2012)

Stockley makes Woking loan move (15/11/2012)

Demouge: I want to fight for my place (15/11/2012)

Free coach travel for Cherries FA Cup tie (15/11/2012)

Cherries host Oldham (16/11/2012)

Howe: Demin is very passionate about the club (16/11/2012)

Howe: We need to be focused (16/11/2012)

Grabban: I will continue to work hard (16/11/2012)

Howe: More to come from Daniels (16/11/2012)

Elphick: We needed a sense of direction (16/11/2012)

James: I feel rejuvenated (16/11/2012)

Howe: You have to earn success (17/11/2012)

Trio of new directors appointed to AFCB board (17/11/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Oldham (17/11/2012)

Grabban's Lactics Hatrick (17/11/2012)

Howe: Grabban took his goals well (17/11/2012)

Barnard: More to come from Grabban (19/11/2012)

Pugh: Howe & Tindall brought a winning mentality (19/11/2012)

Howe: You want perfection (19/11/2012)

The first six pointer of the season? (20/11/2012)

Barnard: It's all about promotion (20/11/2012)

Tindall: One of our toughest games this season (20/11/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Stevenage (20/11/2012)

Pitman returns on loan (20/11/2012)

Pugh agrees new Cherries deal (20/11/2012)

Tubbs proves a point with a point (20/11/2012)

Thomas linked with Blackpool move (21/11/2012)

Howe: Pitman signing shows intent (21/11/2012)

Pugh: It is a lovely place to be (21/11/2012)

Pitman: Howe factor was massive (21/11/2012)

Fletch: It feels like home again (22/11/2012)

Howe: We gave it a right go (22/11/2012)

Roach: Howe will get the best out of Pitman (22/11/2012)

Wakefield joins Dagenham on loan (22/11/2012)

Molesley joins Plymouth on loan (22/11/2012)

Thomas joins Blackpool on loan (22/11/2012)

Cherries travel to Bury (23/11/2012)

Cargill joins AFC Totton on loan (23/11/2012)

Howe: Thomas wanted to go (23/11/2012)

Howe: McDermott has outstanding attributes (23/11/2012)

Mitchell: AFCB can be sustainable if promoted (24/11/2012)

Stats: Bury v AFC Bournemouth (24/11/2012)

Howe: Unbeaten run goes on (25/11/2012)

cummingsfan review of Bury away (25/11/2012)

Brilliant Bert Bounces Back (25/11/2012)

Referee: The decision was correct (26/11/2012)

Pugh: We showed good character (26/11/2012)

Elphick: Got ourselves into a good position (26/11/2012)

Cherries take on Bristol Rovers (27/11/2012)

Hard: No timescale for Sheringham (27/11/2012)

Purches to have metal plate removed (27/11/2012)

Lewis Moody MBE at next Sportsman`s Dinner (27/11/2012)

Cherries beat Bristol Rovers (27/11/2012)

Pitman: Goal was very special (27/11/2012)

Demouge: I want to show the fans what I can do (27/11/2012)

Gregory: I'd like Wimbledon return in January (27/11/2012)

Strugnell joins Havant & Waterlooville on loan (28/11/2012)

Carmichael: Working hard for the development squad (28/11/2012)

Howe: Cornick acquitted himself well (28/11/2012)

Cherries install HeartSafe cabinet (28/11/2012)

Addison: Flying is a big bonus (29/11/2012)

Howe: I would never shut the door on Molesley (29/11/2012)

Mitchell: We are all pleased all round (29/11/2012)

Eddie Howe's Barmy Army on the road (30/11/2012)

Elphick: Winning mentality is vital (30/11/2012)

O'Kane: Just got to knuckle down (01/12/2012)

Stats: Carlisle v AFC Bournemouth (01/12/2012)

Cherries progress to FA Cup third round (02/12/2012)

Cherries to travel to Wigan (02/12/2012)

Three is the magic Number (03/12/2012)

Howe: We will look forward to Wigan tie (03/12/2012)

Fogden: One day at a time (03/12/2012)

Francis: We can target an upset (03/12/2012)

Fletch: Cherries want to emulate Wigan (03/12/2012)

O'Kane: Over the moon with the goal (04/12/2012)

Cherries host Fleet Town (04/12/2012)

Fletch: Stockley is one for the future (04/12/2012)

Cook: In the mix by Christmas (05/12/2012)

Mitchell: Howe will decide Thomas future (05/12/2012)

Fleet sunk by Cherries Goodship (06/12/2012)

Fletch: What does the future hold for Fletcher? (06/12/2012)

Howe: We have got a couple of injury problems (06/12/2012)

Cherries return to league action at Scunthorpe (07/12/2012)

Howe: We are now a scalp for most clubs (07/12/2012)

Howe: Elphick will take captaincy (07/12/2012)

Purches: A big step forward (08/12/2012)

Stats: Scunthorpe v AFC Bournemouth (08/12/2012)

Howe: Referee decisions were baffling (09/12/2012)

Ref justice, but three more points (09/12/2012)

Pitman: More to me than just goals (10/12/2012)

Howe: Developing an arrogance (10/12/2012)

Embleton: Delighted for Goodship (11/12/2012)

Howe: Barnard position will be re-assessed (11/12/2012)

Tindall: Challenge is Automatic Promotion (11/12/2012)

Junior Cherries Xmas Party - Next Week (11/12/2012)

Final chance to join the Cherry Brick Road (11/12/2012)

Cherries granted licence for Kings Park car park (11/12/2012)

Fogden: Nothing was going to make me come off (12/12/2012)

Daniels: We`ll come out all guns blazing (12/12/2012)

Cherries set to revisit south stand plans (12/12/2012)

Tweet sprouts whole new challenge for Fletch (12/12/2012)

Howe: Signs of a good understanding (13/12/2012)

Howe: I'll talk to Thomas in January (13/12/2012)

Sly steps down from AFCB board (13/12/2012)

Howe: Playing it day by day with Addison (13/12/2012)

Sly: It's the right time to leave (13/12/2012)

Boys are back in town (14/12/2012)

Howe: Very impressed with Fogden (14/12/2012)

Francis: Top two is our aim (14/12/2012)

Howe: We will be supported in transfer window (14/12/2012)

Molesley: Concentrating on one game at a time (15/12/2012)

Howe: We've got a better Brett Pitman (15/12/2012)

Howe wins League One manager of the month (15/12/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Colchester (15/12/2012)

Howe: MacDonald is a vital cog in our team (15/12/2012)

That dreaded Manager of the Month award... (15/12/2012)

Howe: There is still a long way to go (17/12/2012)

Pugh: I just had to dig in (17/12/2012)

Arter: MacDonald loss is a big blow (17/12/2012)

Howe: Big week for Hughes (17/12/2012)

Howe: Impressed with Grabban (18/12/2012)

Cherries set to take on Reading *updated* (18/12/2012)

Cherries lose to Reading (18/12/2012)

MacDonald ruptures ankle ligament (19/12/2012)

Molesley extends Plymouth loan (19/12/2012)

Howe: Hughes has got further to go (20/12/2012)

MacDonald: Injury is devastating (20/12/2012)

Howe: We need to keep the momentum we have built (20/12/2012)

Gregory departs (20/12/2012)

Cherries squad visit Poole Hospital (20/12/2012)

Bartley set to return? (21/12/2012)

Thirteen games and counting? (21/12/2012)

Howe: O'Kane wants to learn (21/12/2012)

Mostyn elected to League's Board of Directors (21/12/2012)

Cherries linked to St Patrick's Carroll (21/12/2012)

Crewe V AFCB - Match OFF (22/12/2012)

Howe: Away support is exceptional (23/12/2012)

Merry Christmas from AFCB Vital (23/12/2012)

Purches rewarded with testimonial (24/12/2012)

Purches: Great honour to be granted a testimonial (24/12/2012)

Boxing Day @ Dean Court (24/12/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Yeovil (26/12/2012)

Glovers k'o'd on Boxing Day (26/12/2012)

Howe: Second half it opened it up (27/12/2012)

Elphick: Big games coming up (27/12/2012)

Championship clubs chase Grabban (28/12/2012)

Fletch: Hughes experience invaluable (28/12/2012)

Crawley arrive for six pointer (28/12/2012)

Howe: Winning is hardest thing in football (28/12/2012)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Crawley Town (29/12/2012)

Cherries ripe for Play-offs... (29/12/2012)

Sheringham hopes to end Injury Nightmare soon (31/12/2012)

Eddie may deal in January (31/12/2012)

Battle with The Bees for Bournemouth (31/12/2012)

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