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Stats: Swindon v AFC Bournemouth 1st January 2011 (01/01/2011)

New Year New Result (01/01/2011)

Howe: Cherries deserved their win (01/01/2011)

Preview vs. Brentford (h) (02/01/2011)

Howe: Fans support means a lot to us (03/01/2011)

Pearce: We can have a real good go at promotion (03/01/2011)

Howe: A very difficult game (03/01/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Brentford Monday, 3rd Jan (03/01/2011)

Bee's killed in cold weather (03/01/2011)

Tindall: Back to our old selves (03/01/2011)

Fletch: Jalal's save was unbelievable (04/01/2011)

Feeney: I'm buzzing (04/01/2011)

Mitchell: Starting a new era (04/01/2011)

Jalal: Pleased to be part of the team (05/01/2011)

Mitchell: AFCB has got to live within its means (05/01/2011)

Howe: I won`t be doing a lot of business (05/01/2011)

Betting on Howe suspended (05/01/2011)

Crystal Palace to hold talks with Howe (05/01/2011)

McQuoid completes Millwall switch (05/01/2011)

Fletch: AFCB will always be Howe's club (05/01/2011)

Howe cool on Palace link (05/01/2011)

Feeney: We probably would be top (06/01/2011)

Howe: We are delighted to keep Smith (06/01/2011)

Howe: My mind is 100% here (06/01/2011)

Cummings signs new Cherries contract (06/01/2011)

Mitchell: Groundshare with Poole not feasible (07/01/2011)

Cummings: I`ve still got a lot to offer (07/01/2011)

El Gaaouiri on trial at AFCB (07/01/2011)

Warnock: You can be too loyal (07/01/2011)

Howe: Business as usual for everybody (07/01/2011)

Palace chairman: I'm not ruling anyone in or out (07/01/2011)

Sportsmans Dinner with Ray Parlour (07/01/2011)

Mitchell: Ambition, hope and vision (07/01/2011)

Robinson: One of the best teams in the league (07/01/2011)

Preview vs. Plymouth (h) (07/01/2011)

Howe offered Crystal Palace job (07/01/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Plymouth 08.01.11 3pm (08/01/2011)

Howe.... could you leave after this (08/01/2011)

Howe: A very, very difficult decision to make (08/01/2011)

Mitchell: I'm 100% behind Eddie Howe (08/01/2011)

A once in a lifetime opportunity? (09/01/2011)

MacDougall: Everybody would want him to stay (10/01/2011)

Mitchell: I have done everything I can (10/01/2011)

Murry: Help the club make history (10/01/2011)

Howe considering his future (10/01/2011)

Bignall returns to Reading (11/01/2011)

Howe: Jayden will benefit from the experience (11/01/2011)

A very tough decision for Howe (11/01/2011)

Howe to stay at Dean Court (11/01/2011)

Mitchell: I am absolutely delighted (11/01/2011)

Thanks for staying Eddie (11/01/2011)

Ray Parlour Sportsman Dinner (12/01/2011)

Key Workers South Stand Initiative (12/01/2011)

Fletch: The news everybody wanted to hear (12/01/2011)

Mitchell: Nobody`s going anywhere (12/01/2011)

Mitchell: Not always seen eye to eye (12/01/2011)

Pearce: Now we can concentrate on Colchester (12/01/2011)

Feeney: It would be an honour (13/01/2011)

Parish: Howe is a fantastic guy (13/01/2011)

Howe Targets More Success (13/01/2011)

Burnley make approach for Howe (13/01/2011)

Speculation continues over Howe future (13/01/2011)

Wiggins: I'm now fine (14/01/2011)

Lovell: I've felt brilliant (14/01/2011)

Compensation issues with Burnley resolved (14/01/2011)

Discounted travel for Rochdale trip (14/01/2011)

Stats: Colchester United v AFC Bournemouth 14.01.1 (15/01/2011)

Howe confirms Dean Court exit (15/01/2011)

Tindall: It's difficult to leave (15/01/2011)

Southampton chase Cherries defender (15/01/2011)

Mitchell: We're not going to be rushed (15/01/2011)

Bradbury takes caretaker role (15/01/2011)

Burnley officially name Howe as manager (16/01/2011)

Bradbury: A fantastic opportunity (16/01/2011)

Mitchell: Happy with the level of compensation (17/01/2011)

Bradbury: Players hungry for us to be successful (17/01/2011)

Mitchell: I want continuity (17/01/2011)

Dalzell joins Howe at Burnley (17/01/2011)

Mitchell: Looking to buck the trend (18/01/2011)

Pearce: They have the full backing of the squad (18/01/2011)

Cherries reject Scunthorpe bids (18/01/2011)

Preview vs. Rochdale (a) (18/01/2011)

Bartley: I've done well on Football Manager.. (18/01/2011)

Stats: Rochdale v AFC Bournemouth 18.01.11, 7.45pm (18/01/2011)

Bradbury's boys show their mettle (19/01/2011)

Bradbury: The lads were different class (19/01/2011)

Ticket news for Brighton and Southampton (20/01/2011)

Fletch: Give us your backing (20/01/2011)

Bradbury: Putting in the hours (21/01/2011)

Bradbury set to bring in new fitness coach (21/01/2011)

Bradbury: 100% belief in the squad (21/01/2011)

Jalal: We fear nobody (21/01/2011)

Bradbury: A full house behind us (21/01/2011)

Symes: Hopefully I can now crack on (22/01/2011)

Ings: I know I can score goals (22/01/2011)

Mitchell: I'm not interested in anybody else (22/01/2011)

Preview vs. Brighton (h) (22/01/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Brighton 22.02.11 3pm (22/01/2011)

Bradders Braves Blitz Brighton (23/01/2011)

Bradbury: I had goosepimples (23/01/2011)

Feeney: If it isn't broke, why fix it? (24/01/2011)

Potter on Millen on Pitman on Howe (24/01/2011)

Bradbury: We made Brighton look average (24/01/2011)

Player Raffle Buys Balls (24/01/2011)

Mitchell: They're the main contenders (25/01/2011)

Molesley set for reserves return (25/01/2011)

Fletch: Symes aim to rediscover form (26/01/2011)

Molelsley plays an hour (26/01/2011)

Pugh: We can get promotion (26/01/2011)

Molesley: It is so good to get back (26/01/2011)

Cherries call press conference (26/01/2011)

Bradbury: I don't take it lightly (27/01/2011)

Mathieu Baudry on trial with the Cherries (27/01/2011)

Bradbury: Molesley return is like a new signing (27/01/2011)

Stockley happy at Dorchester (27/01/2011)

Bartley: I just get on with my job (28/01/2011)

Bradbury: Looking to get a positive result (28/01/2011)

Lee Bradbury named Cherries manager (28/01/2011)

Preview vs. Plymouth (a) (28/01/2011)

Stats: Plymouth v AFC Bournemouth 29.01.11 3pm (29/01/2011)

AFC Bournemouth Cream Out 3pts In Devon (30/01/2011)

Mitchell: There has been interest (30/01/2011)

AFCB Fans Forum - 2nd February (30/01/2011)

Bradbury: We rode our luck (31/01/2011)

Fletch: Just hope that everybody stays (31/01/2011)

Cherries to sign Williamson (31/01/2011)

Cherries set to make second signing (31/01/2011)

Burnley and Cardiff make bids for Bartley (31/01/2011)

Cherries reject Burnley bid for Bartley (31/01/2011)

Burnley offer for Bartley accepted (31/01/2011)

Smith: It`s been great at Bournemouth (01/02/2011)

Cummings named club captain (01/02/2011)

Mitchell: That's not how I like to do business (01/02/2011)

Taylor joins Lewes on loan (01/02/2011)

Burnley fail to beat deadline for Bartley (01/02/2011)

Bartley signs for Burnley (01/02/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Swindon 01.02.11 7:45pm (01/02/2011)

Ings scores at last as Swindon dispatched (02/02/2011)

Bradbury: We weren't at our best (02/02/2011)

Bradbury: Disappointed with events (02/02/2011)

Ings: I can get more goals (03/02/2011)

Mitchell: We are debt free (03/02/2011)

Bradbury: Going out on loan is a positive thing (03/02/2011)

Hollands: We want to achieve something (03/02/2011)

New contracts for Cherries duo (03/02/2011)

Smith receives England call up (03/02/2011)

Bradbury: They will get better (04/02/2011)

Pugh: We always stick together (04/02/2011)

Bradbury: We want them to fulfil their potential (04/02/2011)

Bradbury: Under no illusions (04/02/2011)

Bradbury: Exciting times (05/02/2011)

Preview vs. Leyton Orient (h) (05/02/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Leyton Orient 05.02.11 3p (05/02/2011)

Late Orient Express derails Bournemouth again (05/02/2011)

Bradbury: It's hard to take (05/02/2011)

Symes: It`s been hard (07/02/2011)

Slade: AFCB will finish in the top six (07/02/2011)

Bradbury: We can't be too downhearted (07/02/2011)

Molesley and Lovell injury update (07/02/2011)

Hoddle: Williamson to have a bright future at AFCB (08/02/2011)

Cherries trip to Peterborough on Sky (08/02/2011)

Molesley plays 86 minutes for reserves (08/02/2011)

Baudry: I always dreamed of coming to England (09/02/2011)

Bradbury: The lads are doing brilliantly (09/02/2011)

Thomas: A great experience for me (09/02/2011)

Pugh: Runs are there to be broken (09/02/2011)

Purches: No regrets about coming back (10/02/2011)

Cummings: We're in an amazing position (10/02/2011)

Hollands: We have to be optimistic (10/02/2011)

AFCB Vital Interview with Dan Strugnell (10/02/2011)

Molesley: I could do a job (11/02/2011)

Bradbury: We must not get bullied (11/02/2011)

New deals for Arter and Molesley (11/02/2011)

Preview vs. Walsall (a) (11/02/2011)

Bradbury: Concentrating on building the club (12/02/2011)

Stats: Walsall v AFC Bournemouth 12.02.11 3pm (12/02/2011)

Bradbury: We'll take that (12/02/2011)

Views from the Walsall end (12/02/2011)

Bradbury: I have learned to go with my instincts (14/02/2011)

Symes: I got a bit mixed up (14/02/2011)

Bradbury: Support has been a massive boost (14/02/2011)

Preview vs. Bristol Rovers (a) (14/02/2011)

Feeney: Sometimes we have to grind out ugly wins (15/02/2011)

Mitchell: I want to give Bradders support (15/02/2011)

Williamson: I have to prove my worth (15/02/2011)

Cummings: It's a joke (15/02/2011)

Bradbury: There was no surface water (16/02/2011)

Fletch: Long may this continue (16/02/2011)

Saints legends welcome at Dean Court (17/02/2011)

Free coaches to Bristol (17/02/2011)

Robinson: It's a six pointer (17/02/2011)

Bradbury: Hungry for success (18/02/2011)

Cooper: We have something special here (18/02/2011)

Mitchell: We could compete in the Championship (18/02/2011)

Preview vs. Huddersfield (h) (18/02/2011)

Mitchell: The 12th man is vital (19/02/2011)

Wiggins: Making a statement (19/02/2011)

Mitchell: Youth set-up is our lifeline (19/02/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Huddersfield 19.02.11 3pm (19/02/2011)

Late, blow hits Cherries again (19/02/2011)

Bradbury: Symes is on fire (19/02/2011)

Cooper: It is a lesson learned (21/02/2011)

Bradbury: We have got to learn (21/02/2011)

Vital F1 is Go, Go, Go! (21/02/2011)

Bradbury: Stockley offers firepower (21/02/2011)

Preview vs. Sheffield Wednesday (h) (21/02/2011)

Cooper: Symes is intelligent (22/02/2011)

Fletch: We'll prove doubters wrong (22/02/2011)

Bradbury: There is pressure on everyone (22/02/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Sheffield Wednesday 22.02 (22/02/2011)

Owls hoot.... at missed penalty (23/02/2011)

Bradbury: Every striker misses penalties (23/02/2011)

Bradbury: It keeps our run going (23/02/2011)

Junior Cherries invited to AFCB training session (23/02/2011)

Jalal: Delighted to pick up the PFA Fans award (23/02/2011)

Jalal: We don't need any doom and gloom (24/02/2011)

Bradbury: We are looking (24/02/2011)

Taylor extends loan spell at Lewes (25/02/2011)

Robinson: We show every team respect (25/02/2011)

Bradbury: A big test (25/02/2011)

AFCB 2011/12 Season Tickets On Sale (25/02/2011)

FSF EVENT: Watching Football Is Not A Crime! (25/02/2011)

Moss: I wouldn't swap Jalal (26/02/2011)

Hollands: Concentrate on ourselves (26/02/2011)

Arter: Everyone here is united (26/02/2011)

Lovell update (26/02/2011)

Stats: Dag & Red v AFC Bournemouth 26.02.11 3pm (26/02/2011)

Bradbury: We dug in and worked hard (26/02/2011)

3 in a row for Bradders (27/02/2011)

Stewart to join West Ham on trial (27/02/2011)

Ings: I needed a little bit of a rest (28/02/2011)

Bradbury: It felt more like a home game (28/02/2011)

Cherries hope to sign Middlesbrough striker (28/02/2011)

Mowbray: Is he going to Bournemouth? No (28/02/2011)

Partington: A great feeling (01/03/2011)

Bradbury: It was frustrating (01/03/2011)

Cherries to face Swansea (01/03/2011)

Mitchell: We have to be accountable (02/03/2011)

Taylor: Loan move a big wake-up call (02/03/2011)

Bradbury: Ings was his old self again (02/03/2011)

Molesley: Absolutely drained (02/03/2011)

Premier League trio show interest in Ings (02/03/2011)

Pearce: A fierce determination to succeed (03/03/2011)

Mitchell: Support has been fantastic (03/03/2011)

Marie Curie Football Week (03/03/2011)

Arter moves to Carlisle (03/03/2011)

Fulham striker to train with the Cherries (03/03/2011)

Warren Feeney: A phenomenal achievement (04/03/2011)

Pearce: Back-to-back promotions would be great (04/03/2011)

No friends during the 90 minutes (04/03/2011)

Fulham striker joins AFCB on loan (04/03/2011)

Preview vs. Oldham (h) (04/03/2011)

Mitchell: Show of intent (05/03/2011)

Arter: I'm hoping to find match sharpness (05/03/2011)

Ticket news for Exeter & Bristol Rovers trips (05/03/2011)

Dalla Valle: I do my best in every game (05/03/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Oldham 05.03.11 3pm (05/03/2011)

Fallen Latics but Lee's ecstatic (05/03/2011)

Bradbury: We were comfortable (06/03/2011)

Stockley: Exciting times at AFC Bournemouth (06/03/2011)

Bradbury: It was great to have Molesley back (07/03/2011)

Dalla Valle: Very good debut for me (07/03/2011)

Hollands: We are in the driving seat (07/03/2011)

Symes: We can`t take our foot off the pedal (08/03/2011)

Bradbury: Hope to get the upper hand (08/03/2011)

Preview vs. Exeter City (a) (08/03/2011)

Stats: Exeter City v AFC Bournemouth 8th March 201 (08/03/2011)

Bradbury: It was a learning curve (09/03/2011)

We were lucky to get nil (09/03/2011)

Tisdale: Bournemouth are a club on the up (10/03/2011)

Mitchell: We have surpassed our expectations (10/03/2011)

Feeney: Vital six pointer (10/03/2011)

Pugh: We want to widen the gap (11/03/2011)

Bradbury: Top Of The Table Clash (11/03/2011)

VIDEO League One Preview Show (11/03/2011)

Preview vs. Southampton (H) (11/03/2011)

Wiggins: We can stick it to them (12/03/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Southampton 12.03.11 3pm (12/03/2011)

Unusual sinners as Saints prosper (12/03/2011)

Bradbury: It could have been a different game (13/03/2011)

Pearce: Mistakes happen (14/03/2011)

Ings: It should have been a penalty (14/03/2011)

Jalal: I can only apologise (14/03/2011)

VIDEO: League One Review Of Weekend (14/03/2011)

Jalal: Heads up and battle through (15/03/2011)

Bradbury: Purchey is a great pro (15/03/2011)

Lovell: I can repay the patience (15/03/2011)

Bradbury: We will lift ourselves again (15/03/2011)

Ticket News for Carlisle & Yeovil (15/03/2011)

Hollands: We can respond to set backs (15/03/2011)

Partington in Welsh squad (16/03/2011)

Stewart suspended (16/03/2011)

Lovell return (16/03/2011)

Dalla Valle extends loan with the Cherries (16/03/2011)

AFCB Ability Counts goes to the Dogs (16/03/2011)

Garry: Most difficult injury of my career (17/03/2011)

Fletch: We won't moan or whinge (17/03/2011)

Pearce: We need to get a positive result (18/03/2011)

Arter: More than ready to do a job (18/03/2011)

Bradbury: We need to get back to winning ways (18/03/2011)

Bradbury: Delighted that Dalla Valle is staying (18/03/2011)

VIDEO: League One Preview TV Show (18/03/2011)

Pugh: Massive game for us (19/03/2011)

Robinson: We've always bounced back from set backs (19/03/2011)

Stats: Carlisle v AFC Bournemouth 19.03.11 3pm (19/03/2011)

Bradbury: You get little dips in form (20/03/2011)

Report: Carlisle V AFC Bournemouth (21/03/2011)

Mitchell: Budget is there to get a loan player (21/03/2011)

Carlisle cramp confounded Cherries (21/03/2011)

VIDEO: Npower League 1 review - Rd 38 (21/03/2011)

Jalal set to see specialist (22/03/2011)

Purches: Can't let three defeats turn in to four (22/03/2011)

Mitchell: Let your inhibitions go (22/03/2011)

Symes: Bit of a nightmare (22/03/2011)

Stockley: Enjoying every minute of it (23/03/2011)

Fletch: I want to keep playing (23/03/2011)

Wiggins hands in transfer request (23/03/2011)

Wiggins: Watford ticks all the right boxes for me (24/03/2011)

Mitchell: We are an ambitious club (24/03/2011)

Bradbury: We don't want to be sell Wiggins (24/03/2011)

Cherries sign McDermott from Manchester City (24/03/2011)

Cherries offer Smith permanent switch (25/03/2011)

Stewart returns to training (25/03/2011)

Wiggins stays at Dean Court (25/03/2011)

VIDEO: Npower League 1 preview - Rd 39 (25/03/2011)

Vital F1 - Join In This Weekend (25/03/2011)

Support The Safe Standing Petition (25/03/2011)

Feeney: Nine massive games left (25/03/2011)

Preview vs. Charlton (h) (25/03/2011)

Molesley: Desperate to be involved (26/03/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Charlton 26.03.11 1pm (26/03/2011)

Bradbury: I couldn't ask any more (26/03/2011)

Late blow strikes again (26/03/2011)

Kick Off Time moved for Notts County (28/03/2011)

Bradbury: We showed desire to keep Wiggins (28/03/2011)

Bradbury: Stewart has a clean slate (28/03/2011)

Fletch: Their player admitted it came off his hand (28/03/2011)

Fletch: Never seen an end to a game like it (28/03/2011)

Pugh: We were gutted (28/03/2011)

Lovell: Dying to get out there (29/03/2011)

Fletch: Lovell is such a quality player (29/03/2011)

VIDEO: Npower League 1 review - Rd 39 (29/03/2011)

Lovell: Goal was a nice bonus (29/03/2011)

Stockley: The fans were brilliant (30/03/2011)

Arter returns from loan spell (30/03/2011)

Hollands: It will be tough (30/03/2011)

Bradbury: Molesley is really hungry to get back (31/03/2011)

Ings: I have to be more clinical (31/03/2011)

Taylor joins Woking (31/03/2011)

Bradbury: Hopefully we will be in the mix (31/03/2011)

Stewart: I have a lot more to offer (31/03/2011)

Preview vs. Peterborough (a) (31/03/2011)

McDermott: Eight cup finals (01/04/2011)

Pearce: Massive game (01/04/2011)

Nivea - The Great Football Experiment (01/04/2011)

Stats: Peterborough v AFC Bournemouth 01.04.11, 7. (02/04/2011)

Late show stuns Fergie (03/04/2011)

Lovell: Outcome was fantastic (03/04/2011)

Smith: It showed great spirit (03/04/2011)

Bradbury: Tremendous determination and character (03/04/2011)

Ings: We fought well (04/04/2011)

McDermott: I'm going to give it everything (04/04/2011)

VIDEO: Npower League 1 review - RD 40 (04/04/2011)

Preview vs. Bristol Rovers (a) (04/04/2011)

Fletch: My dream to play in the Championship (05/04/2011)

Bradbury: Lads are pulling in the same direction (05/04/2011)

Stats: Bristol Rovers v AFC Bournemouth 05.04.11, (06/04/2011)

Bradbury: One of those nights (06/04/2011)

Rovers Return serves Cherries Squash (06/04/2011)

Football League revenue cut under new Sky deal (07/04/2011)

Purches: Can only focus on ourselves (07/04/2011)

Smith: Joining Bournemouth is definitely an option (07/04/2011)

Fletch: We must be more clinical in front of goal (08/04/2011)

Mitchell: We want it to be trendy to support AFCB (08/04/2011)

Robinson: We know we're good enough (08/04/2011)

Bradbury: Ings will be a great player for AFCB (08/04/2011)

Preview vs. Tranmere (h) (08/04/2011)

Bradbury: They need games (09/04/2011)

Robinson: Would love to see Bournemouth progress (09/04/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Tranmere Rovers 09.04.11 (09/04/2011)

Rovers Return to see Cherries Freefall gather pace (09/04/2011)

Bradbury: Caught by a sucker punch (11/04/2011)

Free Travel to Notts County (11/04/2011)

VIDEO: Npower League 1 review - RD 41 (11/04/2011)

Bradbury: It's up to us to lift the boys (11/04/2011)

Cummings: Our destiny is still in our hands (11/04/2011)

Stewart sacked (11/04/2011)

Mitchell: We could not tolerate Stewart 'issue' (12/04/2011)

Molesley: I want to show the gaffer I am ready (12/04/2011)

Fletch: 5 games is what it all it boils down to (13/04/2011)

Ings: We really have to go for it (13/04/2011)

Bradbury: Molelsey is ready for a return (14/04/2011)

Bradbury: Williamson brings something different (14/04/2011)

Feeney: Still in the hunt (15/04/2011)

Bradbury: Stand up and be counted (15/04/2011)

VIDEO: Npower League 1 preview - Rd 42 (15/04/2011)

Preview vs. Notts County (a) (15/04/2011)

Stats: Notts County v AFC Bournemouth 16.04.11 12: (16/04/2011)

Operation Recovery Lifts Off! (16/04/2011)

Bradbury: It's in our hands (16/04/2011)

Purches left concussed following Hughes clash (18/04/2011)

Robinson: Disappointed by County programme (18/04/2011)

VIDEO: Npower League 1 review - Rd 42 (18/04/2011)

Garry Injury Update (19/04/2011)

Bradbury: Get behind us (19/04/2011)

Yeovil set for sell out (19/04/2011)

Lovell: Delighted to get a chance (19/04/2011)

Robinson: There's been a lot of pressure (19/04/2011)

Smith: Waiting to see what crops up (19/04/2011)

Over 2,000 Cherries set for Yeovil trip (20/04/2011)

Arter: I`m just like a little kid (20/04/2011)

Moss: Sharpness is back for Jalal (21/04/2011)

Bradbury: Fans can have a massive impact (21/04/2011)

Pearce: Let's make it like a home game (21/04/2011)

Bradbury: Make-or-break weekend (21/04/2011)

Symes Injury Update (22/04/2011)

Bradbury: We have turned the corner (22/04/2011)

Mitchell: I have put my faith in Brooks (23/04/2011)

Stats: Yeovil Town v AFC Bournemouth 23.04.11 3pm (23/04/2011)

Bradbury: We need to grow up very quickly (23/04/2011)

Cherries suffer late late show (23/04/2011)

Cherries Playoff Push Wilts in Blazing Sunshine (23/04/2011)

Glovers hand out late hoodoo (23/04/2011)

Preview vs. Bristol Rovers (h) (25/04/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Bristol Rovers 25.04.11 3 (25/04/2011)

Mon Dieu...its Mattieu and Supa (25/04/2011)

Bradbury: Lads showed character (25/04/2011)

Fletch: Never-say-die attitude (26/04/2011)

Bradbury: Baudry did brilliantly (26/04/2011)

Free coaches to Hartlepool (26/04/2011)

Taylor: Fletch & Bradders relationship is amazing (27/04/2011)

End of Season AFCB Fans Forum (27/04/2011)

AFCB Fans Forum Updates (27/04/2011)

Bradbury to address out of contract players (28/04/2011)

Pompey friendly 'pencilled in' (29/04/2011)

Elliott: Stranger things have happened (29/04/2011)

Bradbury: It would be fantastic for Fletch (29/04/2011)

Fletch: We will be disciplined and professional (29/04/2011)

Stats: Hartlepool v AFC Bournemouth 30.04.11 3pm (01/05/2011)

Bradbury: We've made the play-offs (01/05/2011)

Flinders header sees Cherries flounder (01/05/2011)

Mitchell: Team effort (02/05/2011)

Bradbury: We have always been the underdogs (02/05/2011)

Browning: Cherries shouldn't fear anyone (03/05/2011)

Bradbury: Players hungry to be involved (03/05/2011)

Football League warn against pitch invasions (04/05/2011)

Bradbury: Time for goal-line technology (04/05/2011)

Club Announce Play Off Ticketing Details (04/05/2011)

Bradbury: Looking forward to the play-offs (05/05/2011)

Bradbury: AFCB & Rochdale deserve credit (05/05/2011)

Ings: Buzzing with my form (05/05/2011)

Hearn: Bournemouth are there on merit (06/05/2011)

Fletch: Lovell was outstanding (06/05/2011)

Fletch: Pearce is a dream to work with (07/05/2011)

Mitchell: We don't fear anybody (07/05/2011)

Dalla Valle leaves Dean Court (07/05/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Rochdale 07.05.11, 3pm (07/05/2011)

Player Raffle Report - 2010/11 (07/05/2011)

Gray day for Bournemouth (07/05/2011)

Bradbury: Destiny lies against Huddersfield (09/05/2011)

Wiggins: We are the underdogs (09/05/2011)

Seward Stadium at Dean Court (09/05/2011)

Cherries Injury Update (10/05/2011)

Pearce: We can`t wait (10/05/2011)

Robinson: We've dealt with more pressurised games (10/05/2011)

Bradbury: Talking about next season (10/05/2011)

Wiggins: I am 100% committed (11/05/2011)

Mitchell: Focus on building a club (11/05/2011)

Pugh: Remarkable achievement (11/05/2011)

AFCB Play-Off Ticket Update (11/05/2011)

Stockley: Can we do it? Why not? (11/05/2011)

Baudry: I love it here (12/05/2011)

Hollands: We just prove the doubters wrong (12/05/2011)

Feeney: Trying to make some history (12/05/2011)

AFCB Play-Off Tickets update (12/05/2011)

Lovell: We could make history with Bournemouth (13/05/2011)

Hollands: Aim is to complete the job (13/05/2011)

Ings: I just enjoy playing games (13/05/2011)

Mitchell confirms stadium redevelopment plan (13/05/2011)

Jalal: Records are there to be broken (14/05/2011)

Mitchell: We are a very fashionable club (14/05/2011)

Bradbury: Support today will be vital (14/05/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Huddersfield Town 14.05.1 (14/05/2011)

Donal Decides Draw Number Three (14/05/2011)

Bradbury: Pressure on Huddersfield (14/05/2011)

Lovell: Ings was unlucky (16/05/2011)

Fletch: Fantastic spectacle (16/05/2011)

Mitchell: It was a big disappointment (17/05/2011)

Pearce: We want to do AFC Bournemouth proud (17/05/2011)

Purches: Lets make it a hat-trick (17/05/2011)

Robinson: Away leg blessing in disguise (17/05/2011)

Jalal: Penalties are pot luck (17/05/2011)

Bradbury: Together we are a team (17/05/2011)

Lovell: We are outsiders (18/05/2011)

Connell: Huddersfield will have a massive job (18/05/2011)

Robinson: Team full of winners (18/05/2011)

Olympic Torch to visit Bournemouth (18/05/2011)

Bradbury: We can write the future (18/05/2011)

Stats: Huddersfield v AFC Bournemouth 18.05.11, 7. (19/05/2011)

Fletch: I'm so proud (19/05/2011)

Well done Bournemouth (from Huddersfield fans) (19/05/2011)

andysith's (censored) twitter match report (19/05/2011)

Penalty Woe Prematurely Stops The AFCB Dream (19/05/2011)

Clark: Cannot give Bournemouth enough praise (20/05/2011)

Feeney: We will come back stronger (20/05/2011)

Lovell: I don`t know where my future stands (20/05/2011)

Hollands: I hope to still be at Bournemouth (20/05/2011)

Mitchell: We don`t want to break up the squad (20/05/2011)

Bradbury: They're a special group (20/05/2011)

Cherries offer deals to out of contract players (20/05/2011)

Fletch: Fantastic team spirit (21/05/2011)

Fletch: Pearce is a huge part of AFCB (21/05/2011)

Williamson: I definitely want to stay (21/05/2011)

Bradbury: I want them signed up (21/05/2011)

Brighton chase Hollands (23/05/2011)

Hollands set for Charlton move? (23/05/2011)

Hollands completes Charlton move (24/05/2011)

Bradbury: We offered Danny what we could (24/05/2011)

Bradbury: I have faith in Paddy, Dan and Alex (25/05/2011)

Lovell signs new Cherries deal (25/05/2011)

Baudry: I am hoping to stay (26/05/2011)

Lovell: Club is going places (26/05/2011)

Cotterill unsure about Cherries friendly (26/05/2011)

AFCB: Going from strength to strength (26/05/2011)

Thomas set for season-long loan (27/05/2011)

Molesley: Best years are ahead of me (27/05/2011)

Cherries announce pre-season friendlies (27/05/2011)

Arter: I have to prove I am capable (28/05/2011)

Fletch: I will keep playing (28/05/2011)

Reading, Doncaster & Preston interested in Baudry (30/05/2011)

Fletch: We want to keep everyone together (31/05/2011)

Fletch: Level playing field (01/06/2011)

Peterborough interest in Pearce (01/06/2011)

Fulham track Danny Ings (01/06/2011)

Bradbury: Always looking to strengthen (02/06/2011)

Mini Cherries Reach Massive Milestone (02/06/2011)

Cherries hold talks with Peterborough over Pearce (02/06/2011)

Mitchell: Resigned to losing one or two (03/06/2011)

Cherries reject Wiggins bid? (03/06/2011)

Mitchell: We have funds to invest in Kings Park (04/06/2011)

Mitchell: 50% sell-on clause horrified us (04/06/2011)

AFCB Pre-Season update (06/06/2011)

Roach: They have to grasp the moment (06/06/2011)

Pearce move now unlikely? (06/06/2011)

Mitchell:Pearce is the last player we want to sell (07/06/2011)

Cherries enjoy 29% increase in attendances (07/06/2011)

Stephenson: So grateful (08/06/2011)

Fletch: We have a list of targets (08/06/2011)

Peterborough remain hopeful over Pearce (08/06/2011)

Baudry signs new contract (09/06/2011)

Cherries team up with Hampshire Cricket (09/06/2011)

Fletch: Baudry has massive potential (10/06/2011)

Mitchell: Players are not for sale (10/06/2011)

Fletch: We will wait and see what happens (11/06/2011)

Bradbury: We've had no interest in Wiggins (11/06/2011)

Mitchell reveals £6million plans for Dean Court (11/06/2011)

Cherries reject bids for Pearce, Ings and Wiggins (12/06/2011)

Mitchell: We have got to be sensible (13/06/2011)

Moss: I see the potential in Thomas (15/06/2011)

Fletch: Desperate for Danny to Stay (15/06/2011)

Mitchell: Bradders has funds to spend (15/06/2011)

Fila Announced as New Kit Manufacturer (15/06/2011)

Cardiff Friendly Announced (15/06/2011)

Ollie Norris, RIP. (15/06/2011)

Cherries to play Daggers in League Cup (16/06/2011)

Bradbury: The lads did great for us (17/06/2011)

Cherries season starts at Charlton (17/06/2011)

Mitchell: A very northern league (18/06/2011)

Bradbury: We still hurt from last season (18/06/2011)

Message from the Norris family (18/06/2011)

Vital Bournemouth Hall of Fame (18/06/2011)

Dean Court to host European tournament (20/06/2011)

AFC Bournemouth teens summer scheme (21/06/2011)

Portsmouth bid for Pearce rejected (21/06/2011)

Matt Tong Interview (21/06/2011)

Bradbury: We are excited about next year (22/06/2011)

Bradbury on possible deals for Smith & McDermott (22/06/2011)

Pompey set to make fresh approach for Pearce (22/06/2011)

Pearce would be interested in Pompey return (22/06/2011)

Fletch: All systems go for next season (22/06/2011)

Mitchell: Act soon or door will be shut (23/06/2011)

Smith: I want to test myself in the Championship (23/06/2011)

Cherries fans left saddened by Roach departure (23/06/2011)

Pearce to complete Pompey move (23/06/2011)

Mitchell statement on Roach departure (24/06/2011)

Cherries fail in bid for Gregory *updated* (24/06/2011)

Pearce sold to Portsmouth (24/06/2011)

Mitchell: Difficult to stand in his way (25/06/2011)

Cherries make improved offer for Gregory (25/06/2011)

Pearce: It`s tough to leave Bournemouth (25/06/2011)

Williamson in talks with Port Vale (25/06/2011)

Williamson set to sign for Port Vale (26/06/2011)

Bradbury: A shame to miss out on Williamson (27/06/2011)

Watford have bid for Wiggins rejected (27/06/2011)

AFCB agree fee for Championship defender *update* (27/06/2011)

Vital Youth Team Player Sponsorship 2011-12 (27/06/2011)

Celtic to bid for Ings? (27/06/2011)

AFCB reveal new home kit - VIDEO (28/06/2011)

Jalal: Nothing has been agreed (28/06/2011)

Cherries sign Darryl Flahavan (28/06/2011)

Teams announced for European pre-season tournament (28/06/2011)

Bradbury: Flahavan is a good catch for us (28/06/2011)

Roach: I did not wish to leave AFC Bournemouth (29/06/2011)

Bradbury: The best keeper will play (29/06/2011)

Cherries will allow Wiggins to move on (29/06/2011)

Barrett deal collapses? (29/06/2011)

Cherries and Wimbledon agree fee for Gregory (29/06/2011)

Cherries to sign Wolves left back on loan? (29/06/2011)

Cherries and Watford agree fee for Wiggins (30/06/2011)

AFCB Youth Team Patrons Draw (30/06/2011)

FSF - Safe Standing Road Show (30/06/2011)

Cherries sign Steven Gregory (30/06/2011)

Bradbury: Excited to have Gregory (30/06/2011)

Gregory: A big challenge (30/06/2011)

Charlton lead chase for Wiggins (30/06/2011)

Wiggins sold to Charlton (30/06/2011)

Update on AFCB Vital sponsored Youth players (30/06/2011)

Mitchell: Expect some surprises (01/07/2011)

Mitchell: It will be a great event (02/07/2011)

Mitchell: Talks with Jalal unlikely to re-open (02/07/2011)

Fan banter - Darryl Flahavan. A Portsmouth view (03/07/2011)

Mitchell: We are looking at eastern Europe (04/07/2011)

Cherries set to complete signing of Barrett? (04/07/2011)

Bradbury: Pre season is a complex thing (05/07/2011)

Partington: Working hard to get back (05/07/2011)

Bradbury: We are reassessing Francis interest (05/07/2011)

Lovell: Should be another exciting season (05/07/2011)

Cherries complete Barrett transfer (05/07/2011)

Taylor: Done everything I could (06/07/2011)

Bradbury: We`ve got targets (06/07/2011)

Barrett: I can`t wait to get started (06/07/2011)

DW Sports Fitness help AFCB reach their peak (06/07/2011)

Mitchell statement on Taylor departure (06/07/2011)

Fan banter- Adam Barrett- The Palace & Orient view (06/07/2011)

Burnley release statement (06/07/2011)

Taylor: AFCB are handling this in a very bad way (07/07/2011)

Lee Bradbury Official Statement (07/07/2011)

Parsons: It doesn't feel real! (07/07/2011)

Purches: It's a tournament we want to win (07/07/2011)

Charlton accept bid for Simon Francis (07/07/2011)

Fan banter- Steven Gregory - The Wimbledon view (07/07/2011)

Former Cherries trio shocked at Roach departure (08/07/2011)

Cherries reject Palace bid for Ings (08/07/2011)

Bradbury: Club is very ambitious (08/07/2011)

AFCB Ticket News (09/07/2011)

Groves: Aim to produce as many players as possible (09/07/2011)

Brooks: It will give them more of a taste of it (09/07/2011)

Purches: Looking forward to next week (10/07/2011)

Bradbury: Bournemouth is the best place for Ings (11/07/2011)

New AFCB Home Kit On Sale (11/07/2011)

Lokomotiv Moscow tracking Ings (11/07/2011)

Bradbury: Best keeper in pre-season gets the shirt (12/07/2011)

Trio of trialists on show against Hamworthy (12/07/2011)

A Perfect 10 has Hamworthy Clubbed (12/07/2011)

Bradbury: We looked sharp and hungry (12/07/2011)

Player Raffle - End Of An Era (13/07/2011)

Bradbury: Symesey could be massive for us (13/07/2011)

Trialists set for another run out against Poole (14/07/2011)

Bradbury: Clean slate (14/07/2011)

Away Support Still Vital (14/07/2011)

Nelson: Looking to kick on (14/07/2011)

Wigan 'keeper on trial (14/07/2011)

Dolphins cause a splash at Tatnam (15/07/2011)

Bradbury: Classic game of two halves (15/07/2011)

Ings offered new contract (15/07/2011)

Bradbury: Exciting tournament (15/07/2011)

Cherries unable to agree a deal with Francis (15/07/2011)

Mitchell: We can go on to the next level (16/07/2011)

Purches: Bouncing back (16/07/2011)

Mitchell: The tournament is serious (16/07/2011)

Mitchell: We don't need to sell anyone (16/07/2011)

Cherries to face Saarbrucken (16/07/2011)

Cherries lose final (17/07/2011)

Fletch: Organisers deserve pat on the back (18/07/2011)

Bradbury: Step up in competition (18/07/2011)

Bradbury: Not going to keep wasting my time (18/07/2011)

Cherries set to install Gritt (18/07/2011)

Cherries sign Malone on loan (18/07/2011)

Webb: Nothing to prove (19/07/2011)

Malone: The town is really nice (19/07/2011)

Cherries 'ready to sell' Ings? (19/07/2011)

Pugh: We need to bring more players in (19/07/2011)

Mitchell: We have the the makings of a good team (20/07/2011)

Bradbury: I was impressed (20/07/2011)

Bradbury: Malone is a great addition (20/07/2011)

Mitchell: Complete and utter lie (20/07/2011)

Garry retires (20/07/2011)

Malone: I've already settled in (21/07/2011)

Garry: Grateful for the opportunity (21/07/2011)

Bradbury: Good chance to look at the youngsters (21/07/2011)

Mitchell: EC Cup could become annual event (22/07/2011)

Bradbury: A worthwhile exercise (22/07/2011)

Bradbury: Hoping to have another look at Bore (22/07/2011)

Mitchell: Josh & Tom will bring their own ideas (23/07/2011)

Football League changes squad rules (23/07/2011)

Bradbury: We are looking forward to Cardiff (23/07/2011)

Junior Cherries now 1,000+ strong (23/07/2011)

Bradbury: I felt we played well (23/07/2011)

Sweet Scotty Malone (24/07/2011)

Malone: I knew it was going in! (25/07/2011)

Bore: Everything here is spot on (25/07/2011)

Taylor: I'm hungrier and I want to achieve more (25/07/2011)

AFCB ST AGM (26/07/2011)

Bradbury: Molesley is a gifted player (26/07/2011)

Elaine Findlay opposes Cherries development plans (26/07/2011)

Smith: World Cup experience will be priceless (26/07/2011)

Lovell: Hopefully the injury is behind me (27/07/2011)

Bradbury: A great environment for the players (27/07/2011)

Huddersfield bid for Robinson (27/07/2011)

Bradbury: We might need to strengthen (27/07/2011)

Cooper: A good test (28/07/2011)

Cherries sign Byrne (28/07/2011)

Bradbury: Byrne is energy personified (29/07/2011)

Barrett: Expectations are going to be high (29/07/2011)

Huddersfield make improved bid for Robinson (29/07/2011)

Bradbury: It will be competitive (29/07/2011)

Cherries trio set for loan moves (30/07/2011)

Bradbury: Gritt will be a good addition (30/07/2011)

Mitchell: Offer for Robinson pretty much there (30/07/2011)

Crystal Palace ask to name a price for Ings (30/07/2011)

Cherries beat Palace (30/07/2011)

Bradbury: Byrne a good addition to the squad (01/08/2011)

Barrett: Honoured to be captain (01/08/2011)

Fee agreed for Robinson move (01/08/2011)

Robinson moves to Huddersfield (01/08/2011)

Willo takes charge... (02/08/2011)

Robinson: Play-Offs were a good experience (02/08/2011)

Bradbury: We will be judged on who we bring in (02/08/2011)

Cherries beat Dorchester (02/08/2011)

Bwin's Burning Issue + Free Bets! (02/08/2011)

AFCB Community Sports Trust Kenyan Adventure (02/08/2011)

Bradbury: A few irons in the fire (02/08/2011)

Meet Alex Parsons (02/08/2011)

Mitchell: Disappointed about every sale (03/08/2011)

Robinson: I love Bournemouth dearly (03/08/2011)

Mitchell: Verbal offers for Ings turned down (03/08/2011)

AFCB Squad Numbers Announced (03/08/2011)

Bradbury: Taylor has come back a better player (04/08/2011)

Mitchell: I intend to take up the extra share (04/08/2011)

Beales back Saturday Soccer Club (04/08/2011)

Dorchester await Cherries verdict on Bowles (04/08/2011)

Charlton weigh up move for Ings? (04/08/2011)

Arter: A different frame of mind (04/08/2011)

Bradbury: For 90 minutes there are no friends (05/08/2011)

Cooper: You learn to deal with departures (05/08/2011)

Bradbury: It is my team (05/08/2011)

Arter: Really happy to wear the number 8 (06/08/2011)

Byrne: Ready to start the season (06/08/2011)

2011/12 Season Kicks Off (06/08/2011)

Stats: Charlton v AFC Bournemouth 6th August 2011 (06/08/2011)

Cherries succumb to opening day defeat (06/08/2011)

Bradbury: A big blow (07/08/2011)

The AFCB Vital Hall of Fame - 1945 - 1960 (07/08/2011)

Barrett: We will bounce back (07/08/2011)

AFCB Supporters Trust AGM (08/08/2011)

Ticket news for Dagenham League Cup game (08/08/2011)

Stephenson set for loan move (08/08/2011)

Bradbury: We`ve got to keep hold of Ings (08/08/2011)

Stockley: This will be my season (08/08/2011)

Bradbury: It's difficult to choose between them (09/08/2011)

Bradbury: No pressure on Stockley (09/08/2011)

Mitchell: Attendances must improve (09/08/2011)

Pugh: We have to produce on the pitch (09/08/2011)

Preview vs. Dagenham (h) (09/08/2011)

AFCB Supporters - Vote for YOUR Man of the Match (09/08/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Dag & Red 9th August 2011 (09/08/2011)

Injury update on injured Cherries trio (10/08/2011)

Bradbury: Taylor eases striker concerns (10/08/2011)

Taylor: I have taken my opportunity (10/08/2011)

Cherries Swagger past Daggers (10/08/2011)

Ings: Disappointed offers were turned down (10/08/2011)

Gregory: Working hard on my game (11/08/2011)

Pugh: We want a big Premier League team (11/08/2011)

Cherries sign Doble on loan (11/08/2011)

Dorchester reject Cherries bid for Bowles (11/08/2011)

Cherries face West Brom (11/08/2011)

Bradbury: Great to get such a big club (12/08/2011)

Bradbury: Under no illusions (12/08/2011)

Preview vs. Sheffield Wednesday (h) (12/08/2011)

VIDEO: League One Preview rd 2 (12/08/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Sheffield Wednesday 13th (13/08/2011)

Barrett homes in on first 3 points! (13/08/2011)

Cherries face Hereford in Paint Pot Trophy (13/08/2011)

Cherries accept Burnley bid for Ings (13/08/2011)

Mitchell: Ings will not leave for under £1million (13/08/2011)

Mitchell looking to sell AFCB? (14/08/2011)

Bradbury: Really big confidence boost (15/08/2011)

Barrett: I can`t worry about who is going (15/08/2011)

Mitchell: AFCB is debt free and self sufficient (15/08/2011)

Ings sold to Burnley (15/08/2011)

Mitchell: Ings fee smashes transfer record (15/08/2011)

Ticket details for West Brom game (16/08/2011)

Bradbury: I want a couple of fresh faces (16/08/2011)

Bradbury: Physically a big test (16/08/2011)

VIDEO: nPower League 1 review - Rd 2 (16/08/2011)

Preview vs. Stevenage (h) (16/08/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Stevenage 16th August 201 (16/08/2011)

The Football League pitches in for hospice care (16/08/2011)

Ten men Cherries sink to Stevenage (16/08/2011)

Bradbury: We weren`t quite at it (17/08/2011)

Green Goals Scores At Air Festival (17/08/2011)

Molesley: Looking to put things right at Carlisle (17/08/2011)

Fletch: We will be careful with Lovell (18/08/2011)

Flahavan: Happy with how things are going (18/08/2011)

Tributes for Roger Brown (19/08/2011)

Baker: Cherries owe me £25,000 (19/08/2011)

Mitchell: We can't afford two goalkeepers (19/08/2011)

VIDEO: nPower League 1 preview - Rd 3 (19/08/2011)

Jalal: I never asked to leave Bournemouth (20/08/2011)

Welling sign Thomas on loan (20/08/2011)

Fletch: I hope record stands for a very long time (20/08/2011)

Arter: Stepping up to the plate (20/08/2011)

Bradbury: We want to do it for the supporters (20/08/2011)

Preview vs. Carlisle (a) (20/08/2011)

Stats: Carlisle v AFC Bournemouth 20th August 2011 (20/08/2011)

Bradbury: Our finishing should have been better (21/08/2011)

Cherries pay penalty for missed chances (21/08/2011)

Lovell: You wish there was some common sense (22/08/2011)

The Great Football Experiment (22/08/2011)

Meet the AFCB players at Thomas Cook (22/08/2011)

Flahavan: Anything could happen (23/08/2011)

Mitchell Nelson on trial at Crewe (23/08/2011)

Mitchell: We are behind the club as a family (23/08/2011)

Cherries agree fee for Swansea midfielder (23/08/2011)

VIDEO: nPower League 1 review - Rd 3 (23/08/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v West Brom 23rd August 201 (23/08/2011)

Bradbury: We shot ourselves in the foot (24/08/2011)

Bradbury: A really positive move for us (24/08/2011)

Barrett: Big learning curve (24/08/2011)

Cherries agree fee for Bowles (24/08/2011)

Cherries punished by clinical Albion (24/08/2011)

Open Day At AFC Bournemouth (24/08/2011)

Mitchell gives update on potential transfers (25/08/2011)

Cherries agree terms with MacDonald (26/08/2011)

Barrett: Enjoying my football again (26/08/2011)

Purches: I will take any sort of minutes (26/08/2011)

MacDonald: I will give everything I've got (26/08/2011)

VIDEO: nPower League 1 preview - Rd 4 (26/08/2011)

Preview vs. Walsall (h) (26/08/2011)

Bradbury: A really big step for us (27/08/2011)

Cherries linked with Cadamarteri (27/08/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Walsall 27th August 2011 (27/08/2011)

Cherries taken for a ride by Saddlers (27/08/2011)

Bradbury: Tight line between success and failure (28/08/2011)

MacDonald: It was really disappointing (28/08/2011)

The AFCB Vital Hall of Fame - 1960 - 1975 (28/08/2011)

Conor Burns backs Community Trust (29/08/2011)

Feeney: Stick together (29/08/2011)

Bradbury: Working hard to bring in a striker (29/08/2011)

RIP Mark Ovendale (29/08/2011)

Bradbury: Definitely interested in Ryan Lowe (30/08/2011)

Preview vs. Hereford (h) (30/08/2011)

AFCB sign Kyle Taylor (30/08/2011)

Stockley: We need to bounce back (30/08/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Hereford 30th August 2011 (30/08/2011)

Players pay tribute to Ovendale (31/08/2011)

Bradbury: Don`t want to sell any of the players (31/08/2011)

Bradbury: Close to completing a deal (31/08/2011)

Stockley: I`ll try and stop smiling now (31/08/2011)

Matador Stockley tames Bulls (31/08/2011)

Cherries miss out on Constable? (31/08/2011)

Feeney joins Millwall (31/08/2011)

Nelson joins Lincoln on loan (31/08/2011)

Mitchell: Under the circumstances it's a good deal (01/09/2011)

Stockley signs new contract with AFCB (01/09/2011)

Steve Lovell retires (01/09/2011)

AFCB fans meet the players at Thomas Cook (02/09/2011)

Howe: Lovell just reached breaking point (02/09/2011)

Mitchell: I would leave if abuse continues (02/09/2011)

Bradbury: We haven`t got too long to wait (02/09/2011)

Club v Country? And England Predictions (02/09/2011)

Mitchell: Go and support Southampton (02/09/2011)

VIDEO: nPower League 1 preview - Rd 5 (02/09/2011)

International Football Betting Preview (02/09/2011)

Stockley: Looking forward to what is ahead (03/09/2011)

Bradbury: We wish Lovell all the best (03/09/2011)

Bradbury: County is a tough place to go (03/09/2011)

Mitchell: My ambition is that I am a winner (03/09/2011)

Preview vs. Notts County (a) (03/09/2011)

Cherries to face Yeovil in Paint Pot (03/09/2011)

Stats: Notts County v AFC Bournemouth 3rd Septembe (03/09/2011)

Bradbury: I thought we'd go on and win (04/09/2011)

County 3 - Cherries 1 - Match Report (04/09/2011)

AFCB Supporters Trust Statement (04/09/2011)

Mitchell: I owe an apology to the fans (05/09/2011)

Bradbury: We are all working hard (05/09/2011)

Energy Consulting Group to buy 50% of AFCB? (05/09/2011)

Stockley: Next three games are huge (05/09/2011)

Symes: Rumour was bizarre (06/09/2011)

Cummings: Pushing in one direction (06/09/2011)

Arter: Hard work was undone (06/09/2011)

VIDEO: nPower League 1 review - Rd 5 (06/09/2011)

Jalal: My duty is to Bournemouth (07/09/2011)

Cherries reserves lose to Crawley (07/09/2011)

Cherries open day approaches (07/09/2011)

The Great Football Experiment - Update (07/09/2011)

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Bradbury: Big game for both teams (09/09/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 6 (09/09/2011)

AFCB sign Crawley striker Wes Thomas (09/09/2011)

Evans: Thomas is a smashing lad (09/09/2011)

Bradbury: Thomas is capable of getting goals (10/09/2011)

Preview vs. Chesterfield (h) (10/09/2011)

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Cherries Open Day Review & Pictures (11/09/2011)

Fletch: You don't always get what you deserve (12/09/2011)

Mitchell: To me, it was nothing (12/09/2011)

Pugh: Pleasure to play for AFCB fans (12/09/2011)

Bradbury continues to look for loan options (13/09/2011)

Bradbury: My job is safe (13/09/2011)

Hearn: Mitchell's reaction did surprise me (13/09/2011)

Preview vs. Leyton Orient (a) (13/09/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 6 (13/09/2011)

Barrett: Extra pressure (13/09/2011)

WIN A PLAYSTATION 3 With Nivea For Men (13/09/2011)

Stats: Leyton Orient v AFC Bournemouth 13th Septem (13/09/2011)

Cherries cast Orient adrift at the bottom (14/09/2011)

Bradbury: I can't praise the supporters enough (14/09/2011)

Cherries bid for Mansfield defender (14/09/2011)

Baudry: We are showing heart on the pitch (14/09/2011)

Mansfield reject second offer for Naylor (14/09/2011)

Mitchell: I have always been honest (15/09/2011)

Bradbury: Mark Marshall would be a great signing (15/09/2011)

Thomas: I just want to push on now (15/09/2011)

Cox: We`ve been harshly treated (15/09/2011)

Purches: We need to use win as a springboard (15/09/2011)

Zubar on trial with the Cherries (15/09/2011)

Bradbury: We have to knuckle down (15/09/2011)

Cherries agree settlement fee with Stewart (16/09/2011)

AFCB: Npower League 1 Video Preview - Rd 7 (16/09/2011)

Bradbury: Baudry is now ready (17/09/2011)

Preview vs. Exeter (a) (17/09/2011)

Stats: Exeter City v AFC Bournemouth 17th Septembe (17/09/2011)

Bradbury: I will look at the market again (18/09/2011)

Cherries Whip Up Another 3pts In Devon (18/09/2011)

Balls To Cancer - This Friday (19/09/2011)

Carmichael: It was a great experience (19/09/2011)

Pugh: We can't get ahead of ourselves (20/09/2011)

Cherries Injury Update (20/09/2011)

Cherries reserves against Torquay (20/09/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 7 (20/09/2011)

Bradbury: I'd like to sign Zubar (20/09/2011)

Cherries lose to Torquay (20/09/2011)

Bradbury: Symes is probably two weeks away (21/09/2011)

Groves: A positive message (21/09/2011)

Bradbury: We have got other targets (21/09/2011)

Bradbury: I'd like to see Spetch again (21/09/2011)

Stephenson could return to Weymouth (21/09/2011)

Cherries set to sign Zubar (21/09/2011)

Cooper: We are all on a high (22/09/2011)

Roach: Good talent in the programme (22/09/2011)

Bradbury: Zubar is a really good capture (22/09/2011)

Zubar: Delighted to be at Bournemouth (22/09/2011)

Cherries sign Canadian international on loan (22/09/2011)

Balls To Cancer - Tonight (23/09/2011)

Purches: Makings of a good game (23/09/2011)

Fan banter- Stephane Zubar - The Plymouth view (23/09/2011)

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Fan banter- Jaime Peters - The Ipswich view (23/09/2011)

Preview vs. Hartlepool (h) (23/09/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Hartlepool 24th September (24/09/2011)

Pool leaves Bournemouth in deep water (25/09/2011)

Bradbury: Inconsistency drives you mad (25/09/2011)

Bradbury: Cummings has three holes in his shin (25/09/2011)

Igoe: AFCB is a great club (25/09/2011)

Mitchell: I apologise (25/09/2011)

Arter: Starting to gel (25/09/2011)

Results will come- Peters (25/09/2011)

Bradbury: Board will try to accommodate me (26/09/2011)

Peters: We will soon climb the table (26/09/2011)

Fletch tips Carl Fletcher for the top (26/09/2011)

Bradders- It will come (26/09/2011)

Vincent Pericard joins up with the Cherries (27/09/2011)

Purches: It's been good (27/09/2011)

Bradbury speaks to squad about Twitter (28/09/2011)

Arter: We are all in it together (28/09/2011)

Gregory: I'm getting better with every game (28/09/2011)

MacDonald: Fans have been brilliant (28/09/2011)

AFC Bournemouth Family Football Festival (28/09/2011)

Cherries reserves lose to Cheltenham (28/09/2011)

Byrne out for four months (28/09/2011)

Brooks: New mini bus a revelation (28/09/2011)

Gregory: We are all looking forward to Tranmere (29/09/2011)

Football Association charge AFCB (29/09/2011)

Arter extends deal at Dean Court (29/09/2011)

Flahaven: Great to have quality competition (30/09/2011)

Fletch: We can take confidence to Tranmere (30/09/2011)

Bradbury: We are a good force away from home (30/09/2011)

AFCB's Best Ever Comeback? (30/09/2011)

Cherries stars seal scientific support (30/09/2011)

Preview vs. Tranmere (a) (30/09/2011)

Stats: Tranmere Rovers v AFC Bournemouth 1st Octob (02/10/2011)

Bradbury: Result was fair (02/10/2011)

Prenton Park Statemate (02/10/2011)

Arter: I haven`t heard anything (03/10/2011)

Bradbury: We have started to gel (03/10/2011)

Barrett: A well deserved point (03/10/2011)

Stockley:I feel great and want to continue to play (03/10/2011)

Bradbury: Wembley final is a big incentive (03/10/2011)

Preview vs. Yeovil (h) (04/10/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Yeovil 4th October 2011 (04/10/2011)

Gregory: A classic game of two halves! (05/10/2011)

AFCB Nearly Hand It To Glovers! (05/10/2011)

Partington: Grateful to Bradders (05/10/2011)

Bradbury: First half we were different class (05/10/2011)

Ladies Football Returns (05/10/2011)

Fletch: Competition breeds confidence (06/10/2011)

Moss: Great battle between Jalal and Flahaven (06/10/2011)

Byrne has ankle operation (06/10/2011)

Cherries set to sign Wes Fogden (06/10/2011)

AFCB sign Fogden (06/10/2011)

Taylor awaiting echocardiogram result (06/10/2011)

Bradbury: Fogden has worked hard (07/10/2011)

Igoe: Chuffed for Fogden (07/10/2011)

Fletch: Symes is a force in this league (07/10/2011)

Bradbury: Injury list like a conveyor belt (07/10/2011)

AFCB Family Football Festival Drawing Near (07/10/2011)

Baudry: No fear for the rest of the season (07/10/2011)

Gregory: The shirt is mine at the moment (07/10/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Rochdale 8th October 2011 (08/10/2011)

Penalties save fans from sleep (08/10/2011)

Bradbury: Disappointed with first half performance (10/10/2011)

Symes: Starting to gel with Thomas (10/10/2011)

Bradbury: We need to become a 90 minute team (10/10/2011)

Barrett: Pleased to stop the rot (10/10/2011)

Cherries to visit Brentford in the Paint Pot (10/10/2011)

Cherries host Brighton reserves (10/10/2011)

Howe interested in Pugh reunion (11/10/2011)

Nelson set for second loan spell at Lincoln (11/10/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 12 (11/10/2011)

Jalal signs new Cherries deal (11/10/2011)

Gritt: Great to be back (12/10/2011)

Bradbury: Eastwood is a great player (13/10/2011)

Purches: We need continuity (13/10/2011)

Flahaven: Last month has been fantastic (13/10/2011)

*WIN AN XBOX With Vital And Nivea* Question 2 (13/10/2011)

Bradbury: Shuffling the pack (13/10/2011)

Jalal: I will be ready (14/10/2011)

Pugh: I will enjoy playing against Smith (14/10/2011)

Cummings: We can get a result (14/10/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 13 (14/10/2011)

Peters: I will focus on football (14/10/2011)

Mitchell: Never wanted to lose Jalal (15/10/2011)

Symes: I will keep taking penalties (15/10/2011)

Stats: MK Dons v AFC Bournemouth 15th October 2011 (15/10/2011)

Bradbury: A good point (16/10/2011)

Thomas brace earns Cherries a point (16/10/2011)

Dartford will not stand in Sheringham's way (16/10/2011)

Sportsmans Dinner with Dean Saunders (16/10/2011)

Cherries slash family ticket prices for Bury game (16/10/2011)

Bradbury: Flahavan was great (17/10/2011)

Thomas: We are better than the table suggests (17/10/2011)

Jewell: Happy for Peters to extend Cherries stay (17/10/2011)

Cherries open Sheringham talks (17/10/2011)

Bradbury: Good relationship with local sides (18/10/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 13 (18/10/2011)

Taylor: It's been a difficult time (18/10/2011)

Bradbury: Partnership will be good (19/10/2011)

Barrett: We want to put on a show (19/10/2011)

Bradbury: We`ve agreed terms with Sheringham (19/10/2011)

FSF Watching Football Is Not A Crime (19/10/2011)

Groves: A great credit to Carmichael (20/10/2011)

New Look Coach For AFCB (20/10/2011)

Cherries sign Sheringham (20/10/2011)

Sheringham: Always been my dream (20/10/2011)

AFCB Family Football Festival just days away (20/10/2011)

Bradbury: We need that elusive win at home (21/10/2011)

Brooks: It could be catastrophic for clubs (21/10/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 14 (21/10/2011)

Sheringham: Need to prove myself worthy of a place (21/10/2011)

Bradbury: Bury will be a threat (21/10/2011)

Molesley: It's a hard pill to swallow (21/10/2011)

Bradbury: Partington is captain material (22/10/2011)

Bradbury: Positive strides (22/10/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Bury 22nd October 2011 3p (22/10/2011)

Bradbury: At times we played with fear (23/10/2011)

Bishop leaves Bournemouth without a prayer (23/10/2011)

AFC Bournemouth Vitals Hall of Fame 1975-1990 (23/10/2011)

Barrett: A case of déjà vu (23/10/2011)

Thomas: It was three points lost (24/10/2011)

Cherries extend Peters loan deal (24/10/2011)

Bradbury: We have a few more injuries problems (24/10/2011)

Mitchell: I ask supporters to be patient (24/10/2011)

Fletch: Sticky situation (25/10/2011)

Bradbury: Need to keep away form going (25/10/2011)

Johnson: It`s news to me (25/10/2011)

Stats: Colchester v AFC Bournemouth 25th October 2 (25/10/2011)

Bradbury: Need to be able to lock games out (26/10/2011)

A well earned point at Colchester (26/10/2011)

Thomas: It was just an instinct goal (26/10/2011)

Sheringham: I loved it (26/10/2011)

Bradbury: Fogden set the standard (27/10/2011)

Fogden: I will just keep pushing (27/10/2011)

Cherries sign Cook on loan (27/10/2011)

Mostyn & Sly sell stake in AFC Bournemouth (27/10/2011)

Bradbury: Cook is a Bournemouth type of player (27/10/2011)

Barrett: Got to roll up our sleeves (28/10/2011)

Pugh: We must step up to the plate (28/10/2011)

Symes: We can't have any fear (28/10/2011)

Fletch: We must be ready for Preston (28/10/2011)

AFCB: League 1 Video preview - Rd 15 (28/10/2011)

Stats: Preston v AFC Bournemouth 29th October 2011 (30/10/2011)

Bradbury: Lads were terrific (30/10/2011)

Cherries host Gillingham in FA Cup (30/10/2011)

Away form continues in Preston (31/10/2011)

Pugh: I hope Mostyn & Sly will remain involved (31/10/2011)

Pugh: Supporters were magnificent (31/10/2011)

Bids to buy back Dean Court rejected (31/10/2011)

Hester: Experience in different positions (01/11/2011)

Bradbury: First round of the cup is special (01/11/2011)

Youth Team at Dean Court (01/11/2011)

Structadene: No requirement for us to sell (01/11/2011)

Cherries to make loan move for Cadogan? (01/11/2011)

Arter: It can only be a positive (02/11/2011)

Cook: Will have to wait and see (02/11/2011)

Groves: A fantastic cup tie (02/11/2011)

Purches announced as Green Goals Ambassador (02/11/2011)

AFCB signed framed shirt auction (02/11/2011)

Flahaven: We showed character (03/11/2011)

Purches: I have learned so much (03/11/2011)

Malone: We need to build on Preston win (03/11/2011)

Bradbury: We can kick start the campaign (03/11/2011)

Arter: Preston was another stepping stone (04/11/2011)

Fletch: Food for thought (04/11/2011)

Pugh: We fight for the shirt (04/11/2011)

Bradbury: Taking the positives (04/11/2011)

Stockley joins Accrington on loan (04/11/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 17 (04/11/2011)

Bradbury: Great and exciting times for the club (04/11/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Scunthorpe 5th November 2 (05/11/2011)

Cherries set to finally sign Francis (05/11/2011)

Bradbury: Players dealt with nerves well (05/11/2011)

Thomas home first flattens Irons (06/11/2011)

Catering & Matchday Experience at Dean Court (06/11/2011)

Thomas: I just want to score goals (07/11/2011)

Bradbury: Francis will be a great signing (07/11/2011)

Malone: A big relief to get the win (07/11/2011)

Bradbury: We can cope with the changes (07/11/2011)

Francis completes move to the Cherries (07/11/2011)

Bradbury: Malone has been fantastic (08/11/2011)

Barrett: Francis will be a real asset (08/11/2011)

Molesley: I will grab opportunity with both hands (08/11/2011)

Bradbury: Brentford are playing good football (08/11/2011)

Stats: Brentford v AFC Bournemouth 8th November 20 (08/11/2011)

Cherries hit for six (09/11/2011)

Fletch: Fans didn't deserve that (09/11/2011)

Bradbury: We didn't compete (09/11/2011)

Fletch Stands Down As Assistant Manager (09/11/2011)

Cherries confirm new co-owner (10/11/2011)

Mitchell: Search begins immediately (10/11/2011)

Friends Of Dean Court Skittles Evening (10/11/2011)

Fletch: A lot of emotion (11/11/2011)

Cherries linked to Charlie Daniels (11/11/2011)

Bradbury: Fletch is a great ambassador (11/11/2011)

Fletch: We still owe them one! (11/11/2011)

Beattie training with AFC Bournemouth (11/11/2011)

Bradbury: I love the FA Cup (11/11/2011)

Gregory: I am relishing the competition (12/11/2011)

Flahavan: A great competition (12/11/2011)

Cherries bid for Daniels rejected (12/11/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Gillingham 12th November (12/11/2011)

Disaster Darryl hands replay on a plate (13/11/2011)

Bradbury: It's so frustrating (13/11/2011)

Fan banter- James Beattie - The Blackpool view (13/11/2011)

Maxim Demin confirmed as new co-owner (13/11/2011)

Birmingham wait for either AFCB or Swindon (13/11/2011)

FA Cup Second Round Draw (14/11/2011)

Moss: Getting beyond a joke (14/11/2011)

Zubar: We should have won (14/11/2011)

Flahaven: It is a very strange ball (14/11/2011)

Cherries unveil new look team coach (14/11/2011)

Bradbury: FA Youth Cup has a real buzz about it (14/11/2011)

Mitchell: Demin deal brings security for the club (14/11/2011)

Bradbury: I am interested in Daniels (15/11/2011)

Bradbury: Keepers will be working to put it right (15/11/2011)

FA Cup Replay - Ticket News (15/11/2011)

Mostyn: Club moving forward into a new era (15/11/2011)

Update on Cherries injured duo (16/11/2011)

Third time unlucky for Cherries Youth (16/11/2011)

Arter: International ambitions (16/11/2011)

Bradbury: Getting stuck into applicants (16/11/2011)

Barrett: Gillingham will be fired up (16/11/2011)

Bradbury: No problem sending players out on loan (17/11/2011)

Malone: I would love to stay (17/11/2011)

Centre of Excellence link up with Mini Kickers (17/11/2011)

Moss: It is a learning curve (18/11/2011)

Arter: I want to apologise (18/11/2011)

Fogden: Best bunch I've ever known (18/11/2011)

Ladies return to Dean Court (18/11/2011)

Bradbury: Another difficult game (18/11/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd18 (18/11/2011)

Bradbury: We will not rush naming new assistant (19/11/2011)

Garry: Shared responsibilities (19/11/2011)

Stats: Wycombe v AFC Bournemouth 19th November 201 (19/11/2011)

3 in a row for AFCB (20/11/2011)

Bradbury: A job well done (20/11/2011)

40th anniversary of MacDougall record (20/11/2011)

Mitchell: Fans make such a difference (21/11/2011)

Barrett: A good little run (21/11/2011)

Pugh: Anything can happen in the FA Cup (21/11/2011)

Bradbury: I wouldn`t want to sell Pugh (21/11/2011)

Mitchell: Pugh is staying, end of the story (21/11/2011)

Bradbury: Looking to extend Cook & Peters loans (22/11/2011)

Purches: Gillingham will be a battle (22/11/2011)

Bradbury: Part and parcel of the FA Cup (22/11/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 18 (22/11/2011)

Flahaven: Got to live with it (22/11/2011)

Kings Park development gains support (22/11/2011)

Stats: Gillingham v AFC Bournemouth 22nd November (22/11/2011)

Bradbury: It's a shattering blow (23/11/2011)

Cherries to make second bid for Daniels (23/11/2011)

Leyton Orient accept Cherries bid for Daniels (23/11/2011)

Gillingham knock Cherries out of FA Cup (23/11/2011)

Arter: Bitterly disappointed (23/11/2011)

Day: Really pleased with Thomas (24/11/2011)

Bradbury: We will speak to Brighton and Ipswich (24/11/2011)

Cherries set to sign Daniels (24/11/2011)

Cherries bid for Ritchie rejected? *updated* (24/11/2011)

Fan banter- Charlie Daniels - The Orient view (24/11/2011)

Cherries set to sign White (24/11/2011)

Daniels deal done, second bid for Ritchie fails (24/11/2011)

Cook extends Cherries stay (24/11/2011)

Daniels: Looking forward to the challenge (24/11/2011)

Di Canio: Are they ready to give us £2million? (25/11/2011)

Barrett: A settled team helps (25/11/2011)

Thomas: Team creates chances (25/11/2011)

Bradbury: Symesy loves it here (25/11/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd 19 (25/11/2011)

Meet Santa Claus at Dean Court! (25/11/2011)

Tom Mitchell: Enjoying My Role (25/11/2011)

Tom Mitchell: We made £400,000 bid for Ritchie (25/11/2011)

Bradbury: Starting to make positive strides (25/11/2011)

Cooper: It's down to the manager (26/11/2011)

Barrett: Not getting carried away (26/11/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Oldham 26th November 2011 (26/11/2011)

Pugh: Plenty of positives to take (27/11/2011)

Bradbury: We showed a lot of character (27/11/2011)

Big Money but still Big Sleep (27/11/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 19 (28/11/2011)

Daniels: More to come from me (28/11/2011)

Fletch: New assistant will get my full support (28/11/2011)

Bradbury: Down to the last two (28/11/2011)

Cherries Fans Forum - Wednesday (28/11/2011)

MacDonald: Speed was an absolute gentleman (28/11/2011)

Bradbury: I like Matt Ritchie (29/11/2011)

AFCB Supporters Christmas Party (29/11/2011)

Stockley to extend Accrington loan (29/11/2011)

Cherries face Crawley (29/11/2011)

Shirt auction in aid of Winchelsea Special School (29/11/2011)

Bradbury: Nearing decision time (29/11/2011)

Cherries in 5-0 reserves win against Crawley (29/11/2011)

Bournemouth boys back Movember (30/11/2011)

Cherries name Wilcox as new assistant manager (30/11/2011)

Taylor: Positive mindset (01/12/2011)

Fletch: Fans must be excited about the future (01/12/2011)

Bradbury: Strange approach by our local paper (01/12/2011)

Laws: My loss is Bournemouth's gain (01/12/2011)

Bradbury: Wilcox has experience at all levels (01/12/2011)

Hard: Injury problems have eased (02/12/2011)

Wilcox: Itching to get back (02/12/2011)

Spurs Champions League ball & Saints Shirt Auction (03/12/2011)

Tom Mitchell: Wilcox will help to push us forward (03/12/2011)

Wilcox: A challenge I am excited about (03/12/2011)

Ticket News for Huddersfield & Yeovil (04/12/2011)

Nelson returns to Dean Court (06/12/2011)

Sheringham: We will have to wait and see (06/12/2011)

Cherries make further bid for Dean Court (06/12/2011)

Byrne: I'm on track (06/12/2011)

Mitchell: We've put an offer to Pugh (06/12/2011)

Cherries squad hit the track (07/12/2011)

Lovell: Terribly hard decision to stop (08/12/2011)

Purches: Singing from the same hymn sheet (08/12/2011)

Rothwell becomes Cherries director (09/12/2011)

Bradbury: Squad are all hungry to play (09/12/2011)

Arter: It's a massive game (09/12/2011)

Fogden: Play-offs are realistic (09/12/2011)

Cooper: Good feeling about the place (09/12/2011)

Daniels: Stats are there to be broken (09/12/2011)

Stats: Huddersfield Town v AFC Bournemouth 10th De (10/12/2011)

Bradbury: Lads were immense (11/12/2011)

Cherries end Huddersfield home record (11/12/2011)

Arter: We can reach the play-offs (12/12/2011)

Pugh: New contract offer very flattering (12/12/2011)

Flahavan: Looking forward to every game (12/12/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 20 (13/12/2011)

Moss: Flahavan did well (13/12/2011)

Meet the Cherries squad while Xmas shopping (14/12/2011)

Cherries in partnership with BIC (14/12/2011)

Bradbury: Trying to sort something out for Malone (14/12/2011)

MacDonald: Hopefully I can be back soon (14/12/2011)

Arter: Suspensions are part and parcel of football (15/12/2011)

Thomas: A lot of quality here (15/12/2011)

Bradbury: Should be a good game (16/12/2011)

Nelson leaves Cherries by mutual consent *updated* (16/12/2011)

Francis: Real belief (16/12/2011)

Cherries confirm Mitchell & Rothwell to the board (16/12/2011)

Barrett: These are the challenges we want (17/12/2011)

Stats: AFC Bournemouth v Sheffield Utd 17th Decemb (17/12/2011)

Bradbury: Sheffield United were the better side (18/12/2011)

Cherries gifts sharpens Blades Promotion Bid (18/12/2011)

Molesley: Big setback for us (18/12/2011)

Bradbury: Partington to have operation (19/12/2011)

Bradbury: Our fortunes have got to change (19/12/2011)

Barrett: We huffed and puffed (19/12/2011)

Mitchell meets Ryan Elley (19/12/2011)

Tower Park to sponsor Junior Cherries (19/12/2011)

Flahavan: It wasn't our day (19/12/2011)

Sheringham: Great to get my full debut (20/12/2011)

Molesley: We will have to look at loan move (20/12/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video review - Rd 21 (20/12/2011)

Mitchell acquires local radio station (20/12/2011)

Francis: Score to settle (20/12/2011)

Symes: I love it here (21/12/2011)

Whalley elected to the Football League board (21/12/2011)

Symes: I'm raring to go (21/12/2011)

Bradbury: Molesley won't be going anywhere (21/12/2011)

Barrett: Utmost respect for Bradbury (22/12/2011)

Fletch: Take each day as it comes (23/12/2011)

Bradbury: MacDonald is keen to get back (23/12/2011)

Bradbury: Time for serious work (23/12/2011)

Cherries set to buy Malone from Wolves (23/12/2011)

Update on The Bay radio station (23/12/2011)

AFCB: nPower League 1 Video preview - Rd's 23-25 (23/12/2011)

Cherries agree fee with Brighton for Cook (24/12/2011)

Merry Christmas from AFCB Vital (25/12/2011)

Stats: Brentford v AFC Bournemouth 26th December 2 (26/12/2011)

Swindon reject £500,000 bid for Ritchie (26/12/2011)

Late goal leaves Cherries gutted (27/12/2011)

Bradbury: We deserved to win the game (27/12/2011)

Poyet: AFCB have made an approach for Cook (27/12/2011)

Mitchell: Time to draw a line under Ritchie move (27/12/2011)

Gregory: Bradders brings players closer together (28/12/2011)

Fogden: Hard work paying off (28/12/2011)

MacDonald: We all want to achieve something (28/12/2011)

Cook: I would be open to a move (29/12/2011)

MacDonald: Looking forward to going back (29/12/2011)

Bradbury: Losing Sheringham is a big blow (29/12/2011)

Bradbury: Stockley will come back a man (29/12/2011)

Flahavan: Exciting times at the club (30/12/2011)

AFCB Match Attendance Survey (31/12/2011)

Bradbury: Both sides are in good form (31/12/2011)

Francis: Great intent from the club (31/12/2011)

Stats: Yeovil v AFC Bournemouth 31st December 2011 (31/12/2011)

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